M.O.S.S. Pics

Ill start this thread again here so it’s in the right spot

Harry Truscott

Bruce was killing it till his knee popped

Coupla old Sticks!
Steve Welch and Kiwi John.

Northcote, 18/10/05.
OK I know he’s not very old but this bloke was there and ripping these impressive flips up the banks, and was happy to be photographed.
And he ripped in the bowl too.


Jimi was there as well, Blazing on this new stick.
Pippers turned up too. She had been eating hot chips with the blokes at the bottle shop when a passer by decided she looked lost and hungry and took her home. The phone number tag on her collar is the best three bucks Ive spent!

I love everything about this pic.

Skoot have we got a riverwood shot that looks like that ??

No but we do have a Dallas shot of the Bra thats similar.

Amazing how the two pics look so similar. Even down to the graffiti, kids love their spray cans!

verwood in july

Point Cook

John Mason

Jimmi L

Fletch and Jimmi share a lighter moment?

Hows this for a barbie area!

Bug Dez

Jim Lofting

Cheltenham 29/11/05
First up Pinball Wizzard Johny, Fakie rock grab

Noel atop the quarter,