Maroubra skatepark

Had a chance yesterday to skate Maroubra at around 9am, did not have much time but there was only 2 kids there on scooters which is a pleasant change. Warmed up ok so I had a look at the bowl which looked repaired. Last time I did this I was caught by surprise with oil in the bowl, so I was cautious and then happy.
I have improved in my skating since last time and the bowl is a good size for me so getting round the shallow end then going down into the bowl was heaps of fun.
Its a shame that really this park is only good on the weekdays but if anyone has free time during the week I recommend it.


Anyone know what condition the bowl is in at the moment?

it was ok 2 weeks ago, although disgruntled local liberal party candidates may have changed this recently

thanks mate. i better get there quick before the bunnies supporters become too disgruntled as well

wear a roosters jersey :laughing: