well, really looking forward to having a sesh with the mash crew when i get to oz,i am admin on the mighty MAS in the u.k.[]
is gonna be quite a cross over …looking forward to it dudes…boomer. :smiling_imp:
someone put an xl mash shirt aside for me ! :wink:

Hey Boomerdog, Will you be in Oz in time for the Old School Skate Jam on 11&12 Nov 2005? BOSS and MOSS will be in town to session with MASH and SOS at the OSSJ.

Check out the details below. > Forum > Sandpit > The uNoFfIcIaL SOSSJ FoR rEaL


Here’s a shot of Johnny Gray from one of the previous Jams at the same location.

Olde Newcastle dudes may also be in attendance. ‘F’ stands for FARTES. Got to get and keep Johnny Bogaerts rolling. Look for us at Bondi Fri 11. :smiley: :open_mouth: :unamused:

shit won’t be in oz till the end of dec,
jams look ripping dude,
my route to oz sees me taking in philadelphia again [FDR],new york,then 6 days in dogtown to check out the new santa monica park,baldy,etnies & hopefully hook up with some likely suspects again :wink: ,see ya soon …boomer. :wink:

hey cozmic avenger, where do newy oldies roll? Im there pretty regularly and like to clean the syringes out of Islington for a roll. In fact im planning to do that next week!

Doglog, how have our paths not crossed? I work in Mayfield and often skate that piss pour(ed) son of bitch bowl ditch thing after doing the teaching thing. Yeah, it’s way scary to clean out, but have large wetsuit bucket and broom to remove crap. Olde Newy crew ,we’re talkin’ Bar Beach quarter and Rydge St H/pipe crew from late 70’s & mid 80’s, have hit up Kariong and Slam Factory bowl and even Bondi. We (all 4 of us)are buzzing about new parks nearing completion at Holmesville and Bolton Point. No need for Izzy Bowl in future!

cozmic…lived on the hill for 5 years, now up near forster but am in newy every month, sometimes go out to jesmond as well (even worse than izo!) but i like curved walls!! Its funny cause i was in newy skate shop checkin out some deathbox stuff and the guy behind the counter told me about some teacher who had recently picked up a “mad” large size setup!! probably you huh! I here theres a little bowl out at elemore vale, is that any good? The drainage systems around newy must offer something! theyre massive but i havent found anything decent yet (they have that gutter at the bottom).

I’m that large setup guy. The deathbox(Hackett) is 4 sale. Moved on to even better sized Alva. Drains were all built post ww2. too olde, too worn. Gutters at bottom were installed by council when we skated/biked them in early 80’s. Elermore Vale is the best of those early 90’s capsule bowls although one outside Beresfield pool was even better. Went there last Xmas hols to find deep end sawn off and taken away. Kiddies told me cops and locals were sick of antisocial activity in the deep end! When we were kids we just skated and @#$%^*! skated.