MASH does Remo?

Formal invitations have been extended from NACCOS to MASH regarding the possibility of a visit to their most salubrious bowl in San Remo.

I’m keen for this weekend, whaddayez reckon? I may need a crew of burly Sydneyites to back me up when I make first contact with the ancient skate tribes of Newcastle …

I have carved a third San Remo notch into the belly of my well worn stick, after a whistle stop session on Wednesday. I for one would love to revisit her flawless curves reeaaalll soon. Anyone else up for a pilgrimage northwards?

weather permitting, i might be sneaking up there tomorrow morning.

I am going to take a gamble and turn up on Sat at about 6 pm, with lights and genny. Weather could play a roll in proceedings though. Possibably be up for it the following Sat if we get rain so let us know. If you come and it rains there is always Slam factory.So it won’t be a complete wasted trip. hope to see you there. Richie.

skated it today, it’s grind city and lots of fun but wears you out quickly.

An evening skate on the Central Coast sure sounds good. I’ve got money for pretol, anyone got a car thingy?

I’m not free this weekend. Hope the weather holds for San Remo for those who make it. It’s fast, smooth and FUN. True vert in the deep, not oververt as some claim.

Geez, it’d be a pity to miss the Avenger. Maybe we should postpone, give the weather that way a chance to stabilise and give other MASHers time to contemplate.


Invitation is still on for next week end possibably should make a whole day of it . Could hook up at Kurriong bowls first up and do the Entrance and also Slam then on to Remo and skate into the night under lights. Give us some feedback.The weather was very sus but it was ok though, never realy rained. Sorry you couldn’t make it. I tried a couple of runs but my ribs are way to sore.Hopefully can skate next weekend.Look forward to seeing you next weekend O S Richie.

have fun im on the goldy

OK, is it gonna be this weekend that we invade NACCOS territory or what? Those guys up there are gonna start feeling rejected soon. Its a peanut bowl (is that the same as a keyhole?), the trannies are perfect, the vert is real, and its a sort of rusty colour. Lets Do It! Yea yea yea yea 8)

The word’s out, so if anyones thinking San Remo, this weekend seems to be the go.
So far - GH, Parker,DV-V, Boris, Huss,


I’ve had a change of plans unfortunately. My travel buddy up to Remo to hang with Matt and Chelsea has to work, and I have a party to go to. Have fun lads. I’ll be going up there Sunday night after work and chillin with the kids at Remo on Monday.

Saturday morning for me is good.

I’m coming just in case Fox turns up and I can get a photo of him standing next to me with a real serious TA look on his face. How cool would that be! He’s the best.

I know it’s been posted, but where is it exactly? I have UBD. Right at Blue Haven turnoff off Pacific Hwy, Northlakes Oval. Come in off Emu Dr or Costa Ave?

I’m planning to leave around 7am if anyone wants to make it to mine for a ride and will leave 12-1 ish.

from sydney:
turn off at the budgewoi exit
turn right at scenic drive
turn right at the san remo sign and then directly left into
highview av (it looks like a dead end but keep going)
the park is on the left in the xtreme park at the back.

check out ‘san remo’ for a map

see ya saturday morning!

I see. No wonder so many reports of hard to find. The UBD shows a skate ramp way up the other end of that park thing.

Steve, mind if I take you up on the offer of a lift?
Can make it to your place by 7am no problems!!
Tony G