MASH Nite 8/2/06

Kel’s Dog ‘Pugs’




Oops…! forgot to grab that board… Watch out Bill, it’s coming towards ya…!!


Sorry Mustang Mark, your pic was a little too dark. I’ll getcha next time.


素晴らしいイメージ。願いI は私の友人Sandy とまたErrol として知られていた魚の精神、来た。しかし私達は私達の雲で壊れた部品を有し、Tripitaka によって基づかせていた。総がっかり! … monkey.mid

Splendid image. Request I came mind of the fish which is known my friend Sandy and as Errol. But we possessed the part which is broken with our clouds, had made be based by Tripitaka. Entire be disheartened!

愚か者猿! あなたの英国はあなたのマジック粗末である。

Monkey, your english is as poor as your magic.

register pow you want upbeat super modern doily ok?

Filth shots Bill’

Steve was killin’ the f/side carve on the main wall & Pat woz’ rippin’ the t/knee inverts & layback airs…rip on dudes’ !
Mustang’s gettin better with every roll, damn…every1 woz rippin…

Wish I went home to p/up the roller…woz havin’ to much fun catchin’ up, gabbin’ & sinkin’ a bevvy’ !

Onya Foxy fer being there…great stuff’ check ya’ll soon…

next week fellaz’…full padup patrol happnin !
Great evening guyz’…Thanx Heapz to the MASH’ conglomerate’
(was good to see Matty Davis again, it’s been a while)