MASH Report week ending week ending May 22nd

Bit of a slow start to wednesday night the chance of rain keeping chopper pat and bra boys at home under warm rugs, things soon started to get fair dickum and the Blacktown boys, myself, scotty the vert dog, both skatexecs warmed up the urethane. A surprise visit from machine helped keep the fun serious, it all ending with scotty, myself and the blacktown boys skating on till 11.15pm.
Saturday mornings are something to look forward to for me but this one seemed to be one of strange occasions, bondiboy, mosu, me and scotty all tried to warm up in the park section when this weirdo appeared from nowhere and proceeded to tic tac and hook turn his way from one end of the park to the other. We tried everthing, scotty on his new z13 skating around him with a polite lecture about skate etiquette ignored, mosu with a shoulder nudge ignored, bondi boy and I droping in from either end and heading straight for him, you guess it, ignored! We gave up, heading to the bowl. About an hour later I noticed a man in dirty attire sitting near us with a new all terrain type new school boards. Scotty and I spoke to him and he informed us that he was homeless and his only possesions were the contents of his small overnight bag and his beloved skateboard. As I fired up the mustang to head home I thought about something that bra bowl Pete said to me once when I was trying to get a front side carve going '‘remember dude, skateboardings’ an adventure ‘’. :slight_smile:

Scot, what happened to the photo’s Steve took?
can you post a link

MAS*H PR - muzzymark :laughing:

I snuck a run to Riverwood in yesterday arvo whilst the girls were in the dollhouse show @ bankstown town hall. Wasn’t sure I was going to get a roll so threw popsicle in and no pads = caution. Had the bowl to myself once some BMXers left 8)

Will post tonight mosu.

Pics Skoot?

Just gotta get the camera of Steve. Tonight for sure. Sorry…

John couldn’t get there quick enough.
That supermarkets got the goods.

Question: Did mosu fall into the bowl or is this a new trick?

Ah thats more like it. 50-50 the sinner.

Good one skatexec. I did one of these too. One.

Skatexece F/S gring the corner. Was game on after that.

Tail tappn Tony.

In answer to Scotts question, yes it is a new trick and I have it on good authority that hand plant bail to knee slide is all the rage in Europe at the moment


could be a 48 crash, only mosu is 39 :wink:

:blush: :blush: