Melb Guys

Just curious if any Melb Heads hit the cones?

FLASH, just noticed this thread!!

Melb has its share of shoppingcentre carparks. 2 that come to mind are highpoint west in maribyrnong and watergardens in talors lakes. I’ve often thought about laying out some cones and just having some fun rolling around late one nite.
Just like we used to do in the 70’s, how much fun did we have!!!

Any melb crew interested in some casual fun rolling around some carparks???

Sean(not logged on)

I presume thats the CONES you were referring to!!!(wasn’t sure cause you mentioned melb HEADS)!!!

Sean, again!
(couldn’t help myself)

I’m up for it Sean.

Mentioned the idea to Markham today, and he liked it too!

So Braden and Michael, I reckon we have a slalom/car park sess early in the new year.
If it proves popular its something we could do maybe once a month or so.

Anyone else thats interested let me know.

Please post sugestions on spots you know of and would like to skate.
We can vote on spots.

My sugestion is Highpoint shopping centre and its vast expanses of carpark.

The carpark next to the Elsterwick trainstation is good for after hours bombing, there is even an elevator to take you to the top.

eli is on the money we used to have night sessions there with all the kernow guys hot fun but good sugestion dont use the lift as has a camera in it and transit police are watching there was a few busted for it.mind you though the kernow nights we had ten guys jamed in the lift and some one even had a billy cart. great fun six floors .

Ahh the carparks, Chadstone shopping center is the go, but has to be late at night say 10pm on. The security pimps get a little peeved but due to their pay rate some can be bribed with a few well placed cones.
Jules happens to know a great carpark in the city that he has a pass to. I think we have been booted out of at least 40 carparks in the las t 5 years :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Elsternwick is cool but do it quietly and late with only a few guys and whatever you do, as i still skate this one alone, please dont fuck it up for us. Chadstone is the shit with fast 500 meter runs .
Keep it tight

if it has a camera just stick some crap on it

Lets all vote on a spot and throw a date in?

Chadstone…wed night.

What time at chaddy??? Is that next wed (18th jan)

Lets do it…I’ve even got some cones…slalom that is!!!

Good to hear some slalom taking off in Melbourne! Let us know how it goes.

We’ll have to organize a little get-together sometime later in the year - and I’ll bring the timing system!

Shit hot Haggy, timing system hey, bit like 1/4 mile drag racing!!

Let me know when your in town.

So everyone,WHENS IT GONNA BE???Slalom/car park session that is!!

count me in too.

Wed 25.01.06 Chadstone shopping centre car park.
6:30pm main entrance…where it says CHADSTONE.

Cannot make this one, off to Belco bowl jam on thurs morn early. I’ll be packing the ute wed evening!

Count me in when I get back.

Enjoy Sean!

I’d like to do the slalom thing. But off to Belco this thursday morning early so can’t make this innaugural session. Will try to be at the next one.

mmmmm belco here we come i am scared all ready mmmmm