Melbourne Old School Skate Jam 2005.
Date Sunday 13th Feb. 2005 (The day after the Globe World Cup)
Time 1.00pm to 6.00pm
Point Cook Bowl
Boardwalk Boulevard, Point Cook
Next to the wetlands
Melway Map reference 207 F1
Princes Fwy outbound, take Forsyth Rd exit Werribee, turn left and it’s 300 mtrs on the left

And don’t miss the Melbourne Bowl Tour on Friday 11th Feb. 2005 details below.

One-T is running The Melb OSSJ again this year.
Same age groups as last time - 30 to 34,….35 to 39…40+ (Bret and I want to hike it up to 44+ hehehehe)
There could be Slalom
There will definitely be Bowl Shredding

Hey One-T how these for ideas…
Best use of old board?
Best bottom feeder?
Fossil and Grommet section – maybe?

One-T tells me it will be covered in a behind the scenes piece for the World Cup DVD and he is hoping Blokes World and Cactus Gardens will pick it up to.
Mark Kent is going to do some footage and should be able to edit it up and burn it DVD for a small cost

After Party – To be Announced. Menu could include Beer.

Need accommodation for the MOSS Jam 05? Just ask on this thread and leave your email address (or phone number).
Melbourne guys, If you can put up a legend from interstate for a night or two, watch this site and offer up a bed/sofa/floor/space-under-your-mini-ramp or what ever to our guests.

Need a lift (or want to give one) from the airport/West Beach/Maroubra/Sunshine Beach just post your details here and hook up.

Melbourne Bowl Tour………
Melbourne Bowl Tour, The MOSS Cruise 05. Friday Morning 11/02/2005. That’s the Friday before the Globe World Cup and The MOSS Jam '05. MOSS crew pick up ASS, SOSS, SBVC, POGOs etc in the City somewhere, I’ll have 4 seats in my car, Carey will 6 seats in his, anyone else?
Firstly an hour and bit’s drive to Rye and a session in the upside down cradle thingy. If it’s hot, maybe a best bomb/horsey session off Rye Pier with lunch, then drive back on to Coburg and SHRED SOME TILES, over to the Ring of Fire if open. Could even slip in a roll at Prahran for the Friday Night vert session.
Then Beer.
Exact start time and place to be confirmed, watch this space.
And you’ll have time to get Point Cook wired on the Saturday.

Melb OSSJ’05 Sponsors
Independent Trucks (That means prizes!) (More prizes.)
Globe (insurance)
Luke Signs (banners and stickers)

Globe World Cup….
It’s mostly street stuff, but there is a 15 foot vert quarter pipe with a 30 foot roll in designed by Danny Way…could be worth a look.
General info


The MOSS Crew will all be there.

One-T live close by and looks like he has been practising.

It has a roolly noice over vert bowl thingy at one end.

Or you can just half pipe it if you like.

Cam Wells will be there with camera and board

Marty will be at the MOSS JAM 05 and the Melb Bowl Tour.

Tony flying into Point Cook Air Base.

Try you luck on the Rye Craddle
Melbourne Bowl Tour 05.

There are so many good bowls now we might not have time to hit Northcote.

Yeah OK, so I just wanted to post one of myself.[/img]

If The Ring of Fire has re-opened by then we’ll hit that up too!

Hey, I don’t want to seem like I’m crashing your fun but I have a wagon, live relatively close to the airport (and Point Cook) and have nothing booked on the Thursday/Friday prior to the BIG weekend. I also have a reasonably understanding good lady wife - so there is bed or two available.

Good stuff Mick. Any other Melb crew got spare bed? I think my Mother-in-law is coming over from England for the MOSS Jam 05 so my spare room will be occupied. And before you ask - she doesn’t share.

Mick, might see you at the MOSS Session on Tuesday night, 5pm on.

Wedge I have a spare room but please send a pic of your yummy mummy beforehand. You know… just in case.

Seriously though, have a room but no car.


There you go S.O.S.ages and people from ACT, Radelaide and other places. Eli is offering a spare room while you’re in Melbourne for the MOSS Jam 05, all you have to do is drive him to the MOSS Jam and Bowl tour pick up point.


The Tuesday session is a big chance (weather permitting) - either way there is plenty of time to hook things up for the Feb situation - I’m pretty sure most of the necessary contact details are contained in my profile if you want to bump the gumbs over anything.

Just checking.


Count me in…(Dave Pang)

I will be flying in on the Friday Morning (arrive 09:30hrs)

Tone Gates may be flying in too, (or he will arrive on the Saturday! Globe WC and MOSS Sunday!)

Keen to hook up with someone for transport and accomodation (for myself and Tone!)


Tone here,

Now flying in on the Friday morning. I’m excited !!!

Tone and Dave, I’ve booked you onto the MOSS Bowl Shuttle Bus (ok it’s my car) to be picked up from the airport 9:30am Friday 10/2/05. Get a good night’s sleep and be ready for some bowl action. Rye (upside down thingo), Coburg (smash tiles), Pt Cook (over vertness) and Ring of Fire (hit the roof). Maybe even Prahan (19 foot high roll-in)…

Anyone else need a lift?

Can’t offer accommodation at my joint as I think my mother in law might be out from England and occupying the spare room. I’ll let you now if that changes. Check the rest of this thread as there are a few rooms on offer.