Melbourne advise needed.

Im going to be down in the fair city of Melbourne next weekend for my work Christmas Party [a day at the races}.Im going to have Friday 4th of Nov free to try and sample some of the great looking spots you guys have down there. Theres a good chance that one of my mates will be able to ferry me around but if he cant, Id appreciate any advice on the spots easiest to hit via public transport. Im going to be staying pretty much right in town, near the Botanic Gardens. Cheers,

Coburg for Pool(ish) action, 5 minute skate from train

Northcote for great 90’s 6-7’ bowl action, 5 minute skate from tram

Prahran, needs no intro. lets just say 14’ of loving goodness, heaps of public transport.

if your into street, Riverside skatepark in the city is the go.

Fitzroy is worth a look too, 1 minute from tram

Type these names into the park locator on and they will give you exact addresses.

Newport should be open by then, haven’t skated it but it looks filth.

If you can con someone into drivingsouth for an hour or so (which I would strongly advise), Rye is my pick of bowls in the Melbourne area. 8’ of perfection and cradle to boot.

Andy, give me a call on 0421493313. I will be definitely skating and dont mind showing you around. Coburg bowl is my home these days!!

Here’s a few addresses of the MOSS Accredited bowls near you. All good for ‘carvin’. I won’t be there - work, such an inconvenience. Enjoy.

Coburg Bowl (Melbourne)
Corner Gaffney St and Jersey St, Coburg
Melway 17 E 10

Northcote Bowl
Dennis St, Northcote
Behind the Shopping Centre and Cop Shop
Melway 30 G7

And if it rains…
Ring of Fire Bowl
Next to Fun City / Saloon Bar.
234 Ballarat Road Braybrook 3019
(Melway Ref: 27 E11)
Near the corner of Ashley St.

A lot further away, but rad.
Rye Bowl
RJ Rowley Recreation Reserve
Melbourne Rd, Rye
Melway 168 D5


Marty grinding Coburg

Thanks for the tips guys, much appreciated.Sean, Ill give you a bell and we may be able to hook up for a bit of a roll, just hope the weather cooperates!