Feb 13th at Point Cook.
Name, age and where you are traveling from please.
3 age categories: 30-34, 35-39, 40 plus.
3 sets of Rockin Rons bearings to be won just for signing up, winners to be announced thurs before comp. Ltd amount of GWC tickets to early registers, ltd edition t shirts to all entries, great food, drink and tunes. Skate tour on the sat before the jam.
See me on the day to confirm, entry is $25.00.

marty kent age 41 from williamstown vic
bring on the old farts comp.

Jimmy Loricco, age 30,Torquay Vic
:smiling_imp: Twisted Sister come out and play :smiling_imp:

Dave Pang

35-40 yrs
Go the CBR!

Haha Guroo-no-carve age 30 from Narre Warren Vic.
As long as no more young’ns register (30-35) I’m in with a shot here…


See you there guys

Damn I didnt see Jimmy had registered… well maybe a 2nd for me…

Cam Wells
Age 41

don’t worry Guroolotag, Im seriously out of form,
need to get some carving practise in ASAP on the first nite I get a Tuesday off, starting next week :wink:

Fletch 43 stylin on the tilin might have learnt some trick by then will have mini in yard in a week or so woooo hooooo

Anthony “Tone” Gates
CBR baby !!

Physically 55 years old
Mentally 15 years old
Actually 36 years old

graham edwards
to young to learn
too old to be told :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Eli Smith
31 yrs
I figure it’s the only way I’m gonna get a skate on the day!

Wedge Francis. Age 45 years by the time the MOSS Jam’05 starts.
I am still “Living in the 70’s” so I’ll be hitching a ride on a Skyhook from the dunny roofs in Melbourne around 1976 and arriving for the Melbourne Bowl Tour on Feb 11th.

Darren Lacy, age 41.

Matt Grant
Age 41
Reservoir Vic

I’ll try to make it, but that all depends on my injury and finance status at the time.

Hmm… I’m confused! I’ll be 36 this year. Does that mean I should be in 35-40 or 30-35? Can I have my own catagory called Mick Mulhall and his imaginary hand puppet friends?


Michael Mulhall
Five Dock Mayte, land of the mad gemini ay!

There doesn’t seem to be any real competition in the 30-35 group.
I’m gonna kick all your bitch ass’s!!!..Soon as I nail my feeble :confused:

Watch it eli, I might take advantage of the fact that the number 35 is included in two age groups. Gwaaahahahahahaaaaa…

Mick, Are you planning to bring your laptop slide show? If so do you want a projector organised?

Naa… Bloody lappy is a heavy buggar. Even more so when I have all my skate gear to carry as well.

I still haven’t got around to burning Skateboard Kings to DVD yet. I guess I could bring a copy on CD for all the MOSS heads to share around and copy.