melbourne vert session?

is anyone keen for vert sessions at either spotswood or albert park vert ramps on saturday mornings or after work? Just got a few basics done and would love to learn more but there is no crew ever when i skate vert to teach/amp me up to learn. Anyone who is keen to organise weekly session at either vert ramps please let me know.

I’m no vert rider Eamon - being a fossil of the 70’s.
But I do enjoy a session on the steel - in terms of disciplining my riding and trying to get smoother for concrete. Spotswood is close to me.

I was going to try and get into going to NEwport real early on a Sunday then after the dew had burned off doing a session at Spotswood. But all this wet weather the last month has prevented that routine.

Unfortunately Saturday mornings are difficult for me.
Also Can’t do this weekend - in Sydney. BUt post up if you want to hit a ramp and need some company - I’ll try and come down for a workout.

i’m not a vert skater either but i want to get my vert skills up. Newport and then Spotswood sounds good what times are you talking. I also can’t do this weekend but next should be good so far. let me know ,i’m trying to organise a few for a session next sunday it is then.

Weekend after next sounds good Eamon.

i work most sat. till 12;00 :frowning:
but would like to skate more vert
post session times and ill join in :smiley:

I’d be keen to get a bit of vert under my belt.
Just let me know when suits , after work at Albert Park would be good just about any night.

albert park or spotswood sounds good wed,thur,nights as i have to work all weekend this one but next may be up for waun ponds with jimmy if anyones keen too.

how about Albert Park Wed after work say 5:00? I could get there earlier. My mobile is 0417 320 151. Could you rimg me to confirm on Wed. :open_mouth:

Wednesday,thursday nights this week sound good for vert sessions at albert park vert ramp. Is anyone keen? i should be there from 4:30pm. Next saturday say hit up Waun ponds(geelong)vert ramp and maybe corio with jimmy. Anyone keen for mission? say meet at point cook bowl at 10am get there by 11am and see how we go from there. Jimmy is a vert skater so hopefully i can learn a few tricks from him.

Anyone up for sessions this wed,thursday let me know and anyone keen for next saturdays mission to geelong let me know also.

eamon - I’m really sorry, I have to go to a job in Croydon this arvo, won’t be able to make it.

I’ll be @ Albert park around 4:30 on Thursday.

Carey that’s cool cause i’m feeling fucked tonight but thursday night i should be there i will ring you and mick . Any one else keen in coming thursday night to albert park vert ramp tomorrow?let me know 0415 683 185. I should be there from 4:30pm on wards.

Also next wednesday point cook under lights from 4:30-5pm onwards everyone invited. Same goes for albert park. I just hope every thing works out tomoorrow night and we finally get a vert session happening this week. I want to make it a weekly thing. Monday night point cook,tuesday night spotswood or albert park(vert session) wednesday point cook under lights,thursday nights albert park. Friday ring of fire and saturday spotswood or albert park and sundays vert too.

Thats the plan for me but you all know how it is things sometimes come up. I just want to get my skating better and do it often.

See you there Eamon. Should be there about 5:00PM :smiley:

Someone bring a broom if possible. I forgot to grab one this morning. The ramp has a crushed rock path around it so there’s a lot of small stones.

at the moment thur,friday night albert park and maybe there on sat morning i will keep posted