MENTAL AS- David Pang BBQ, Photo Shoot & Skate - 24/8/14

Hello everyone,

I am being admitted to a clinic to treat my Mental Health illness/disorder on Monday.

Before I go I am having a skate, BBQ & Photo shoot at my cherished haunt BELCO! from 3pm onwards, (Sunday 24th August 2014).

I invite all skaters, friends and family to attend and skate and enjoy each others company.

This is my first skate as an ‘Advocate’ for Mental Health Awareness for skaters and in particular middle aged skateboard and extreme sport folk.
Now my Mental Health condition (and survival) is in the public domain I want to payback to the culture and people I cherish so much.
I hope I can get other extreme sport enthusiast who are ‘Mental Health Survivors’ (and hopeful company support ) to join my awareness champaign and promote:

Mental as; David Pang.

I am not going to shove ‘Mental Health’, down anyones throat, but I want to encourage everyone to:

  1. Ask for help if you need it,
  2. Know where to go for help,
  3. Ask your friends and family if they are OK?
  4. Take, Alcohol and drugs in moderation -
  • it is not a solution to your Mental Health issues,

Respect to everyone for your support to myself and my family this week.

Love David Pang.


Hoping today went well.
Looking forward to the pics.

Have a good day on Monday.