Merry Xmas

Merry xams to all you old fella,s and i hope santa is kind :smiley:

all I wanted is a sold sticker for my house…sold the house …but no sticker yet :confused:

great work on the sale but bummer your going

gonna miss you guys too …but will see yas at all the slalom comps including the LESBOS JAM …Lennox, Suffolk and Byron old school.

And best wishes to everyone for 2013!

Word up Bernie

That went by in a blink!

Best wishes for 2014

Don’t think I got time to blink Bernie.

Happy New Year to all the “old school fools” around here.
Hope to see and hear a lot more from everyone this year.
Never forget that this wonderful thing we all love, called skateboarding, has an end date (well, at least our bodies do) so share your experiences, thoughts, photos, whatever. And keep our little community ticking over.

My 2 cents. Have a great 2014

Happy New Year Crew!

Thanks Braden for Charlie!

Thanks everyone for your friendship & Rad skating!