Metal halide & LED flood lights. Lots of light!

These lights are just the thing for the little generators. … 240%3A1318

On a 650 watt genny you can run up to 4 plus 1 x 300w halogen (to keep the revs up).
Each one of them is like a 400w halogen.

Expensive yes, but no more need to be bumping around in half light!

How do you know this Bernie, have you tested them? How many watts do they draw and what is the amperes at standard running? So many Q’s sorry.


For over a year now, I have been running a pair of Nelson NHFM70’s, (roughly 80watt load) and two 150 watt halogens powered by a little 650W genny, that provide plenty of light for most bowls. My genny could stand to run another two NHFM70’s. Mine would have the same globes as these.

These metal halides throw out roughly 4 to 5 times as many lumens as a halogen lamp. A 70 watt MH arc lamp puts out about the same light as a 300W to 350w Halogen incandescent lamp. It is a white light, not yellow like the incandescent lamps. (a little ball of lightening trapped in glass!)

At $105 each, they are a bargain. Mine are worth $170 each.
One of these lamps replace the two lamps that you normally have on the halogen light stands that you get from Bunnings for $25 each.

Saw the pics of Hulley’s ramp. Looks like he has MH lights.

70watt MH at Cheltenham.

Only 1 of the lights out of 6 at Hulleys is MH (courtesy of the Dredded Nick). I picked all the lights of a job i was working at. And yep it shits all over the 1000 watters. I think the one you are referring to is 400w, pure white, while the others have a yellowish tinge that i never knew of until i saw them next to the MH light, but its a big heavy sucker!

yellow ones are probable a sodium halide bulb.

yellow lights are gay

I guess it depends on where you put the bulbs :laughing:

When i say yellow, i dont meen the Bunnings lights on stands. Im referring to the bright 1500 watters, they kick arse, but next to the MHs the 1500s look yellow.

Hey Brothers.

Metal halide for skating .
High pressure sodium for flowering.

ummm you actually want orange spectrum light to induce flowering… not that I know anything about worthy indoor horticultural pursuits :blush:

Latest technologly for after dark skating

LED Floodlights:

Roughly 30w = 100 - 150w in halogen.
ie 2100 to 2700 lumens

30w cost about $50 on ebay
50W cost about $70 on ebay
pure white sems to give more lumens than warm white.

So the trusty little 650w generator can now light a very big park.

hang on you can grow boards indoors,

top research bernado, will check this out for the ongoing evolution of the moss lights.


here is the ebay link to [color=red]Veco Led Lighting


Bernie I have one of those 30w out the front of my place, just put in a few weeks ago, they are AWESOME, lights a huge area! I have a 7w to light the front porch area too.

Also Jaycar have just started selling 30W LED Flood Lights for about $60 ish