Mini Ramp - ebay

Cool - now I just need a backyard! $50 is a good price, considering it needs work.

I recognise that dog from the 1970s! He rode for the PAL team. I’m sure he just bailed a smith grind and left that board hanging from the coping.

Sir William Skate

It would go in my yard next to the stang , simple skilion roof and the end of our rain probleams ?

Do it Mark! Just imagine what you could learn on it!

Mustang I’ll chuck in $20 for ya ramp fund!!!

I’ll get the ply to resheet it cheep and tip in some $. You’d need a flat bed to collect it or a car trailer.

Steve Ill call you in the morning "

happy to put in money as well!

Ill just be happy to ride it. Its a little slim and quick but it will be a lot of fun.

Sorry guys but shes no good, Steve checked it out theres three RSGs or what look like 150ubs holding the frame together. We would have to get steve machine to cut them and weld new splice conections or use a crane to get it in may yard. However skate exec is bringing ramp plans to bondi, lets all have a meating and look at our options :smiley:

As in tomorrow morning? Cool. 8)

Tomorrow morning Bondi uh-huh Col.