Monster at Sydney Olympic Park


Get onto

Click on ‘Photos’
From the Select Gallery pick my name (‘Bill Fonseca’) from the drop down list.
And click on ‘go’.

Click on each of the photos to enlarge.

You’ll see some of the photos I took last night.
Danny, Boris, Matthew, Ben, Choc, Scott, Nik, Peter, Kel, Patrick, you’re all there.


Hey Bill, Some teenage fool was dissing your pics on, so I just had to give him a reality check.

No problems Michael. Thanks for the support.

You’re not going to please everyone. There will always be people liking or dis-liking photos. It’s just like Art work, you either like it or not. Same goes here. I actually thought you summed it up with your comments saying that I shoot as it happens and it’s not rehearsed. 8) That is very true.

The lens I use (10mm) is one that requires you to be close and at the same time you can get too close but, hey people want close pics as well for whatever reason. I however agree a full frame picuture is always going to look good. :slight_smile:

You’ll find that these guys wouldn’t say things like that if they were in the pics or one step further in magazines. :laughing:

Thanks again but it won’t stop me taking pictures. :laughing: 8)
Cheers mate,