Hmm… I just did a 13 hour shift at Monster, and am a little wired after that, so I just thought that I may as well try to wind down by starting a thread for the MAS*H lads.

I haven’t had a chance to talk to Pete or Ti about a MAS*H only mini free for all, but will ask about it tomorrow.

Maybe we should make the MONSTER MAS*H on the first Wednesday of every month. Or something like that anyway. I think a special T-Shirt could be in order.

So come all ye faithfull, and do the MONSTER MAS*H!

P.S I just made this same thread in in skate, so reply to either one.

maybe we should register copy right/patent on MAS*H I even saw it being used on a story on Cricket in paper the other day.

Does sound like a great idea. make it friday night. close all the doors and let everyone drink beer /smoke n skate

hahaha… You’ll find brand new “NO SMOKING” signs all over the park now.

Well have to have a vote on which night to make it. I’ll check the average daily influx and see which night is the least crowded.