Monster popsicle

My eldest son(14) has created what he calls the “monster” from my old skate bits box.

He got the Pool Pirate that i had drilled out, painted etc and fitted it up with a set of 6.5 destructo’s and some clear krypto 70mm wheels. He has kept adding risers until it has no wheel bite, its at about 20mm at present.

he loves it, it rolls over nearly any surface, is smooth and he can belt the living crap out of it. Apparently it carves gutters like nothing else.

he is not such a good skater but one of his mates is a good twig flipper and he loves riding it.

Makes you wonder if we all get a bit pedantic about our equipment???


I only said makes you wonder.

Gave the BD winged skulls I got of skatexec a run at pt cook last night…awesomely fast. and felt smooth also.

Need to push Wedge to use the set he has, if he wont I’d love them the graphics are scraped off on mine

Wedge tried the black deaths at coburg and loves em!

Cool glad to hear he has finally been smitten by the Black Death.