Moorebank (Sydney)

After Scott and Steve’s detour (Croydon to Riverwood via Warwick Farm), I had a look at Moorebank on

Looks worth a roll - check it out.

MAS*H sess Sunday 22 May?

sounds good. Flow me an address

UBD 269 K7. Kelso Park, Kelso Cres (off Newbridge Road).

Take Heathcote Road exit off the M5.

Canterbury Road becomes Milperra Road becomes Newbridge Road heading west.

Easy to find - ask Skoot :wink:

Ive skated Moorbank a few times, its fun, and Steve, it has some good
little 50/50 practise spots. Only drawback, its not that crowd friendly, plus I heard a rumour that the council had covered it in a super slippery anti
graf paint. I hope thats not true. Well worth a roll though.

My thoughts are they should build the biggest and best park in the country at Warragamba Dam.That way we could skate 365 days a year with no bloody rain.
Back to Moorebank. I have a roll there at least once a week whilst doing delivereries out that way.It is definitly not crowd friendly tending to run back on itself out of the bowl end.Having said that if you got there early enough you still would have fun and its not slippery.

We can discuss wensdy night. If we’re not rained out :cry: