Nice work Matt and Cam with the article and pics in Slam on the OSSJ… pity my pic was actually a bail but thats the editors fault.
Worth a read guys…

should have looked at my spelling on the heading before posting that sucker…hahaha

Melbourne old old school :laughing:

:slight_smile: went out and got this months slam mag not the first time ive got it…but this month I had to read about our feats on one off the radest days off 2006. I must say that the pic of “ONE T” really looks like one of his special Judo Methods with the front foot returning. Its not a Bail. Thats radness. Like to give a big thanks to MATTY for the rad write up on the event, and a special thanks for the his&Hers section. CAM. well his photos are allways rad the way he captures the moment I dont think that theres much better. See you all at the next sk8. GRIND ON YOUNG DUDES… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: