MOSS Jam 2006.

The offical flyer is not ready yet as the venue is yet to be decided, but the date seems to be “locked in”.

Melbourne Bowl Tour 2006 Friday 7th April 2006.
The MOSS crew hosts this tour to show interstaters around the delights of Melbourne’s skate bowls. High lights are sure to include Coburg Pool Bowl, Rye Cradle and the new 7-11 Kidney at Frankston (currently under construction). The MOSS crewzers will pick you up from the airport if you ask nicely.

Melbourne Old School Skate Jam 2006 Saturday 8th April 2006.
It will be big where ever it is.

Here’s the draft flyer.

Well done wedge,
have you spoken to council about the hold up with frankston yet?, let us know when you have.


ok, i’m booking my ticket. can’t wait to skate frankston.

Filth Wedge’

2 - Kewel’

Gotta’ make this 1’

Hotel accomodation suggestions for Sydney crew please MOSSers.


I plan to get an info pack together for accomodation etc, but we haven’t got a venue decided yet.

I would recommend staying somewhere near the Jam to save on travelling, but as we don’t know where the Jam I can’t do it just yet.

The politbureau of Mossers had better make a decision soon. Frankston is my pick, but it’s still under construction and an hour out of town.

We plan to pick up as many as possible from the airport and provide free transport for the bowl tour, so if you all arrive at the same time or in just two groups that would make things good for all.

More soon,


Don’t mean to bug but where are the heads on the flier? :open_mouth:

Oh no, the flyer is DEVOid of heads. My guess is they’ve been bought & sold. Off somewhere making music for Disney soundtracks.

Errol, are you sure you didn’t cut the heads up into tiny little squares? (sorry, in-joke)

If it was a Syndey poster the lyrics would be easy:

They Tell Us That We Lost Our Heads
Evolving Up from Little PEDs …

Rest assured all and any heads included on the poster will be deemed good for radio

Got a plan of Frankston?

steve i checked it out when i was down at xmas, think of a riverwood the size of bondi!

OK… I’m thinking of a Riverwood the size of Bondi…

Better stay at my desk for a while :blush:

why ‘corporate’ jam?
dont tell its a play on the ‘devo corporate anthem’ track. (sic)

In true corporate fashion:-
“…lets brainstorm the concept over late’s in the board room, run it by legal, then we can hand over to creative to generate a workable solution, provided we get the ok from accounts…”


…that last post was from me.
forgot to log in…what a blockhead

Frankston looks good…

Its even better up close!!! Yeah baby…gonna love my new local!!! good thing is that in Frankston there’s hardly any bmxers, everyone here skates…we’re planning to overthrow any undesireables anyway :smiley: s’posed to be ready to open at end of feb when we spoke to the site workers in late december??? anyone heard different???

I’ve obtained some photos from special branch, but they’re too hot to be posted in a public place like this.

Send me your email address and I might be able to send you a preview of the construction so far.

One thing for sure, it’s gunna be the fully loaded Franga.

Chocks away old chaps,

i need a franga for franga because i dont no if ill be able to pull out in time i am spent.