MOSS Jam 2014 Saturday October 4th 2014

MOSS Jam 2014
Melbourne Old School Skate Jam

  • Bowl Riders Open (with cash prizes)
    Saturday October 4th 2014
    Mount Eliza Skate Park, Emil Madsen Reserve, Wooralla Drive, Mt Eliza. Victoria. Australia
    MOSS Bowl Jam, Masters over 40’s, Grand Masters over 50’s, Grommets age groups, etc.
    Fossil & Grommet Family Teams, Vertically Challenged, Freestyle, etc.
  • Bowl Riders Open with cash prizes.
    MOSS Foundation Fund Raiser; all proceeds to kids of Swaziland. -> Forum Index -> Skatejams / Races -> MOSS Jam 2014
    10am Start with freestyle, banks
    11am Old school bowl sessions and Fossil & Grommet
    2pm Rad young guns rip the bowl for Bowl Riders Open Cash Prize

And don’t miss the After Party and Skate Culture Exhibition.
A Charity Auction for MOSS Foundation.
Facebook: MOSS Foundation

Save the date.
The Newy Crew / NACCOS / SMA’s chose this location and date so look out Victoria!

The venue is not 100% locked in yet.
We need to confirm we have a majority consensus.
And we need Council support and approval.

Votes so far:
Lizzy: Wedge
Lizzy: Ching
Lizzy: Gravel Burns
Lizzy: Johnny Bogaerts

Vote here for your choice of venue please…

I think it’s important to claim a date well in advance to avoid a clash with other events and to allow people plenty of time to book leave, arrange family commitments etc. The Newy crew are keen for this date as it works for their families and work. My thoughts are: everyone can ride Mt Eliza and it’s just big enough to keep the rippers interested and the interstaters are keen for it. Frankston is intimidating for some and St Kilda is a no go with the Council. Frankston also hosts the Bowl Riders comp. I’m happy to discuss anytime.

:bulb: Ringwood, Knox and we have not been at Northcote, or Point Cook in years just to but it out there. Its up for a vote have your say MOSS CREW :smiley:


been thinking about it If iam in Melbourne my preference is Frankston or Coburg.

work starts on Brunswick on Monday and will be finished in July,

MOSS Volunteers’ Meeting & One Dollar Tacos Dinner
Thursday 3rd April 2014 6:30pm
Dan O’Connell Hotel
22 Canning Street, Carlton. Victoria 3053 Australia.

6:30pm Arrival
6:45pm - 7:45pm: Dinner & drinks in the main bar.
(Note: Purchase your own dinner & drinks at the bar. Tacos are $1 on Thursdays!)
7:45pm - 9pm: Volunteers’ Meeting.

Meeting Agenda:
MOSS Jam planning
MOSS Foundation projects:

  • Web site
  • Charity auctions (CAOSS, MOSS, etc)
  • Water projects
    Box Hill skate park design
    Interstaters can dial in

Hope to see ya’s where ever SHRED :wink:

See you there PUNKZ :wink:

MOSS jam this w/end…now that came around quick!

your right there sean.
in keeping with tradition, lets do the ditch on fri evening.
with uni rear carpark as plan b.
cheers, h.


Too much Work Sux!

Let me know if Friday night is still happening.


ditch is a no go. 2 big puddles + slime further up, probably due to this mornings rain.

Thanks Ludi

See youze there!

Hey guys, I have posted a few pics on Facebook that you might like for those who have not seen them if you use them for anything if I could ask just to drop photo cred to Transition Photography. What a great day and event the level of riding was sensational !!! Well done to all the rippers who competed and all of the crew who turned out and put it on. Well done … 128&type=1

Nice work Skyg

[size=150]MOSS Jam 2014 results[/size]

MOSS Jam Freestyle Expression Session – Honourable Mentions
Jon McGrath
Clint Chin Quan
Cam Wells
Wedge Francis
Gravel Burns
Karl Eastaway

MOSS Jam Bank Retro Styling Expression Session – Honourable Mentions
Marty Kent
Clint “Ching” Quan
Jon McGrath
Wedge Francis
Tony Hallam
Luke Jones

MOSS Jam 60+ Seniors
1 Steve Friedman
2 Eugene Docherty

50+ Grand Masters
1 Noel Forsyth
2 Jon McGrath
3 Clint Chin Quan
3 Rob “Wedge” Francis
4 Cam Wells
5 Darren Montague
6 Marty Kent
7 Darren “Big Dazza” Lacey
8 Steve Welch
9 Jono
10 Karl Eastaway
11 Daryl Gordon

MOSS Jam 40+ Masters
1 Luke Jones
2 Dan Rodwell
3 Billy Harrison
4 Luke Foster
5 John Bogaerts
6 John Parmeter
7 Graham Edwards
8 Tony Hallam
9 Sam Hewson
10 Bruce Fairlie
11 Ed Keating
12 Mike Wittman
13 Gravel Burns
14 Jeremy Rowling
15 Scott McKenzie
16 Alistair Miller
17 Brett Watters
18 Drew Hayes
19 Nathan Pearce
20 Efi (Chris Jozsa)
21 Mark Godfrey
22 Ashley Foster

MOSS Jam 13+ Fossil & Grommet
(name of grommet listed only)
1 Jackson Bogaerts
2 Jedd McKenzie
3 Isaak Godfrey
4 Billy Abrahams
5 Daniel Hallet
6 George Richards
7 Sari Simpson
8 Noah Regan
9 Rowan Docherty

MOSS Jam Under 13 Fossil & Grommet
(name of grommet listed only)
1 Zepp Heyes
2 Max Millar
3 Angus Owens
3 Max Owens
4 Kobe Higgins
5 Julian Lawton
6 Kai Lawton
7 Mark Godfrey
8 Angus Edwards
9 Teejay Watters
10 Ethan Ballard
11 Poppy Gordon

MOSS Jam Girls all ages
1 Ava Godfrey
2 Sari Simpson
3 Poppy Gordon

Bowl Riders Open

1 RJ Barbaro
2 Lachlan Bouillis
3 Jackson Bogaerts
4 Louis Durand
5 Jake Edwards
6 George Richards
7 Luke Jones
8 Geoff Cook
9 Daniel Hallet
10 Billy Abrahams
11 Noah Regan
12 Bryce McKean
13 Jayden Thomson
14 Ava Godfrey

35+ Bowl Riders Comp
1 Luke Jones
2 Luke Foster
3 Sean Ritchie
4 Junior Pene
5 Will Stoyles
6 Sam Hewson
7 Joel D
8 Jesse Hepburn
9 Matt Hill

Bowl Riders Under 18
1 Jedd McKenzie
2 Bryce McKean
3 Zac Callaghan
3 Isaak Godfrey
4 Simon Dunn
5 Zepp Heyes
6 Billy Abraham
7 Mani Swift
8 Max Owens
9 Zac Callaghan
10 Sari Simpson
11 Tig Clarke
12 Kalani Vozzo
13 Daniel Hallet
14 Kai Lawton
15 Kobe Higgins
16 Angus Owens
17 Jake Pucar
18 Louis Newman
19 Cody Cadogan
20 Julian Lawton

Bowl Riders Under 13 Groms
1 Zepp Heyes
2 Kobe Higgins
3 Ava Godfrey
4 Zach Callaghan
5 Bryce McKean
6 Sari Simpson
7 Louis Newman
8 Dali Shaw
9 Poppy Gordon
10 Julian Mansfield
11 Angus Owens
12 Strider Webb
13 Jake Pucar
14 Kai Lawton
15 Max Owens
16 Daniel Mason
17 Teejay Watters
18 Julian Lawton
19 Angus Edwards
20 Ethan Ballard