Woke up this morning still buzzing from yesterday, what a f##king great time… great turn up from the interstaters, The Doc and Errol… Mal… Sac…the boys from Newcastle…Borris…Ganimal…Lester…the list goes on (still too early for my brain to work), even Lee Ralph came to take in the vibe of the day and stayed for the party which just goes to show what a great time the event was thanks to all the MOSS crew.
One person who deserves accolades for his effort was Wedge (thank god for his anal attention to detail). Both Jimmy’s put in some great work on the mike to keep the day motoring along…
The skating was great in all levels, but for me the highlight was having a quiet session in the over 45’s with 4 other guys whom I have total respect for…
not sure what we raised in funds but I am sure there will be some village somewhere in the world soon that will have clean water thanks to a bunch of sweaty dirty middle age skaters…

hope you all enjoi…ed it as much as I did

:smiley: Couldn’t agree more!!! Thanks to everybody that made such a great day, hats off to Wedge, Darren, Sean & his wife for food drinks and cooking, loved Jimmy working the mike, Braden and the registration team, Bret…love the hoodie, Mark for writing one all the cones, Big Daz for hooking up the trailor (and your trucks) for our entertainment, Graham thanks for hyping Adam up with your lollies :open_mouth: . Thanks to everyone for your congratulations on mine and Leahs engagement, it was a special feeling…see you all next year at the wedding!!! :smiley:

Sorry, forgot one big thankyou to Cam Wells and his partner in crime for all of the photos and video footage. If it wasnt for you guys we would all forget what happened…it wont be long until dementure sets in…it also stops the “caught a fish this big” stories!!!

What he said!!! :smiley: PLUS One-T, thanks for my shoes, love 'em!!! Had an awesome day, highlight for me…apart from getting engaged…was when my little gentleman of a son supported me by getting into the bottom of the bowl with me to skate!!! Props to Adam!!! Sorry I didnt drop in guys :cry: . Thanks everyone for making the day super special with congrats and well wishes!!! Now I need to go and have a Nanna nap!!!

All of what one-T said and more.

I now have post MOSSjam depression, I didn’t sleep a wink on Saturday night. I reckon the highlights of the weekend were Wedges fantastic organising to pull the whole thing off in such a short time and Gary Nolan’s amazing skating, all day, 3 DAYS IN A ROW! he was still killing newport bowl on sunday morning when I could hardly keep my eyes open.

Also thanks to all the people who donated thier time to the event and fantastic products for the prizes.

yep i agree with all the comments so far about the whole weekend it was so rad. thanks to every skater in melb you guys rule and are so nice to skate with . thanks to tony hallam for drivin us to every spot we wanted to go. thanks to whoever built the ring of fire its truly an amazing place to skate . i am on such a high right now . have not slept in days . well done .

still buzzing from a fantastic weekend, too many cool bowls and skaters. northcote was a good choice and the format for the jam/comp was great in letting everyone have a go. can’t wait for next year at frankston, maybe a month earlier? big thanks to the organisers - a job well done.

Major post MOSS jam depression today.
The Bowl Tour ruled for out of towners. So many awesome spots in such a short time. We made the most of it; always arriving at the next bowl just that little bit late due to not being able to get enough of the previous one.
On the day of the Jam we sessioned Coburg (got the adrenalin going) and then went on to the Northcote jam(great atmosphere)and at Tony Hallam’s suggestion/direction skated Newport with Gary Nowlan till dark.
Gary is STILL the ‘La Machine’ of Oz. He just keeps going and going. Guess who had last run/s?
Great to meet so many of you Southeners in person. Plus noone seemed to have gotten hurt (When the vibe is right it’s a rarity).
John Bogaerts and I even managed a quick Sunday return sesh at Northcote on the way to Tullamarine.
Wedge, thanks for the advice on getting parks built, we hope you wear your NEWcastle TRADITIONALISTS t shirt with pride. Cheers and thanks to all for a truly great skate experience. Coz.
NEWcastle TRADITIONALISTS- DEVOid of aged lameness.

without a doubt it was all good - well done everyone - keep your eyes peeled in the sandpit for footage from the day and with at least 3 hours of tape! where to start…short promo followed by lester the knee boarder ehh???
mk (cams sidekick) - eh pancho / eh cisco :open_mouth:

:blush: no offence intended Mark!!!

ha ha none taken - congrats again :open_mouth:

MOSS is the mostest. Special thanks to Wedge, Sean, One-T, Davros, and Marty for showing me and Errol the highest possible level of hospitality. I love Coburg (which seems to have almost mended my ribs, despite having the stoopidest slam of all time when I was already off my board in the shallow end).

Sadly, I was not physically assaulted by a band of cybernauts, but I suspect the burden of bashing me may now have been passed on to certain Sydneysiders. Oh yeah, thanks for giving me a go with the microphone, too!

I must say thanks to CONVIC for supplying MOSS with the large and heavy piece of Frankston coping for the grindage award. That was very nice of them.

I concur with the Doctor and all previous positive comments. An insane 4 days of skating fun, festivities, new spots, friends old and new; man, me and the Doc almost had to be carried off the plane here in Sydney last night. The over 45’s session on Sat was for me one of the most memorable skates I’ve ever had. Period. Gary ruled the hardest, no doubt there. Miller Flips, hip-Smithgrinds and Sadplants (with no vert!) at 46 !! Unbelievable. Congrats again dude. And of course, Lester, Wedge and one-t also ruled. Totally. Just the 5 of us, our skateboards, the bowl, the music, and an enthusiastic crowd, #%ckn’ perfect . And how about the timing of the TV crew as an excuse for our old farts encore session ! Stroke of genius there Wedge.

Thanks to entire MOSS crew & Co for organising and being a part of the whole shebang; I agree with Richard G’s comments that the format worked better this year in ensuring most everyone got a go without the jams degenerating into snake sessions. Special thanks to Wedge, Bret, Tony H, Marty, for lifts, hospitality, generosity, and huge intergalactic & cybernetic props to Davros & his virtual posse (Michael Markham), and Sean, for ensuring our last 2 days remained in full interstellar overdrive orbiting Newport, Coburg, Fitzy, Coburg again not to mention a shuttle off to the launch pad home.

That leaves Epping & Frankston for next trip. Bring on the Franga Banga !

Yeah, what everyone has already said 8)

Bring on 2007 :stuck_out_tongue:

Had such a good time, my legs and back wont allow me to go to the MOSS sess tonite. Too stuffed :unamused:

We want photos !!

C’mon Cam and others. Stop holding out on us interstaters.


Go to So hot right now section and look in “Moss jam pics”.