Mount Eliza Sessions

Mt Eliza is GROUSE!
Rode the bowl last night with Grae, Big Ears and crew.
Lots of lines. Easy to ride and the hips and waterfall keep it interesting.
Plenty of speed. Grae got the half pipe line in the deep just as we were packing up.
I’d post video up, but my phone’s not cooperating today.
I gunna roll again on Saturday at 10:15am - if the Convic boys aren’t working on it.
Then I’m off to the Big Ears Comp and Hot Rod Show at Knox for 12 noon.

Isnt knox comp on then mate?

knox 12,

me tomorrow at mornington after work 5,30pm

me tomorrow at mornington after work 5,30pm


This is technically still a construction site and the cleaning and sealing are yet to be done, so you might find the Convic boys have left the bowl wet with water or sealer when you arrive over the coming days.

Not just great carve lines, but half pipe, mini and taco action.

Here’s video evidence of DAY 1…
(Click each image to see the vid’s.)

Big Ears Richie Hiatt…




Looks unreal.
Will be there tomorrow with a couple of blokes for an afternoon/twilight sess’.
8) :slight_smile: :laughing: :astonished: :open_mouth: :smiley: :exclamation:

What time are you rolling Oby?

Got a bit of family stuff, but I might be able to drop by.

^^^I’m meeting Mike there about 5.30-6 if all goes to plan.
If we can’t make it i’ll post that up Wedge.

I am coming back from Rye at about 9.30 to 10 am
on Monday morn anyone interested in a roll?

I’m trying to work up pass. Might see just see you there.

Inaugural Tuesday Night Fun…

(click on the images to see the video)

Hamish says Mt Eliza is longboardable…

Wobbly John wants another taste of the speed on Sunday Morning…

Mike likes to lap over the taco…

Even the young guns like it…

Rock n roll…

Sunday 18/3/12 8:30am. Me, Wobbly, Ching and you.

Emil Madsen Reserve
Wooralla Drive Mt Eliza
Melway 105H1

Cyas there :smiling_imp:

Rad session guys. Everyone seemed to be smiling! Thanks to all involved in getting this place built.


i’ll be there on sat 14th april mid morning onwards if anyone is around?.. :smiling_imp:

Yes mate im sure we will be!

it was great to meet you all there this morning, super inspiring, super supportive, hopefully i can hang around a bit longer next time.

big thanks to Mick for the drop in advice, and more big thanks to Wedge for the tireless effort in making Mt Eliza happen!


Great stuff Scott ,
Welcome to Charlie!

  1. :smiley: South of MELB’S this Tuesday night some of us are going to Mount Eliza from 6pm onwards. Not to upset the ‘coldberg’ sess but this is new and close to us. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: