Mundin or Green?

TOTALLY not a skate related topic, but I just thought I would guage opinion from all and sundry.

I say Green - particularly because Mundine’s dress sense is just beyond any self respecting ghetto pimp!

Green :smiling_imp:

Mundine’s gonna whoop ass.

I say Mundine,
he will stay as far away from green as he can, get a few point scoring jabs in, and win on points. We’ll walk away frustrated at an overhyped boring contest and the man will walk away richer and most annoyingly with bragging rights… :unamused:

Big mistake for Mundine, this guys a real fighter.

The Man may land a few on Green. Wait 'til Green lays a few on the Man.

I hope to f*ck Green knocks him out.

Green, but Mundine is a snappy puncher if Danny can realy put a few good hits in early that idiot will not take it . Don’t be surprised this could be a very good bout :unamused:

You cannot teach speed and that what Mundine has. And it is going to make the difference. Green wont be able to catch Mundine and Mundine will just out box him. Go all the rounds, close points decision - setting it up for the rematch!!
Mundine is a true athlete, but best of all he is an entertainer. This fight is about people wanting to see Mundine win or get a beating. But it would be a nothing fight if it did not have him in it.
If you gave the guy a skateboard and showed him the new Waterloo skatepark, he’d be ripping it up in an unbelieveable style within a month.

I saw Anthony Mundine play an exhibition game of squash on a glass court in Martin Pl against a friend of his who happened to be the top junior player in Australia. I was a serious squash player at that time, and I’d played the junior a few times, and knew how good he was (I was 2 years older than him and he thrashed me easily - he went on to be top 10 in the world). At that time Mundine was a teenager and was famous only as Tony Mundine’s son. It was his first game of squash ever.

You could see him improve massively just over the first few minutes. He had no hope of being competitive in that game, but he ran and ran and ran, and the more balls he got back the better he started to hit them. You could see it wouldn’t take him long to become a seriously good squash player.

He was an elite-level basketball player as a teenager as well - the guy is a seriously talented athlete. He’d totally rock on a skateboard. And his over-the-type hype/fashion skills are perfectly suited to boxing.

Go Mundine!

My money’s on Lionel Rose.

Soon to make a come back, guitar in hand, golden voice intact, and lullaby these upstarts to their knees.

amazing how being a seriously talented athlete is no protection against being a serious dickhead.

Belt the motormouth Green

Yeh Mosu, thats all too common in the sportsworld.

Green only cause he surfs dont rally give a shit to be honest but i think Mundine needs a good smackin anyway

a draw would double the prize purse, with the second bout at the MCG…hope i’m wrong :angry:

im sayin green .due to the fact that he stood at the bowl 2 weeks ago for an hour and watched a rad session and he was into it.and his name is green. :smiley:

I say green because he seems more focused on the job at hand 8)

Danny Green was an excellent loser, especially the way he said he was “beaten fair and square” and that “Choc fought the better fight”.

Anthony Mundine probably wouldn’t have been so gracious, but then he didn’t have to be.


Not a happy Jan…I shoulda gone skating :frowning:

Worst part of it now we have to listen to Mundine spouting on about how amazing he is…