My new local (somewhere)

Went to the council meeting with Michael Mulhall with this and the locals made lots of valid complaints. Got a little heated and in amongst all the biffing and I stood up and said so your all not opposed to a skatepark, just not right here. They nearly all agreed. We have about 4 or 5 alternative sites close by so should see it started soon since we have go on the 250k budget. Designed by Michael, I literally stood up and freaked when I saw this design.

Not sure why the pic didnt work?
Try this.

WOW, unbelievable design, WOW, WELL DONE GUYS!

If only our council was open minded enough to dedicate funds for a skate park…how cheap is the housing around you Scott??? hahaha

What a sweet lookin layout. Closer to home for us too. Bring it on!

Imagine if that tunnel was a full pipe :slight_smile:


Whats a 20 ft section of precast worth? Park layout is awesome. The more I look at it - the more I find myself tracing lines around it :laughing:

Hi Scott,
Is this the submission for Five Dock/Concord? If so it looks great! Has a similar look to some of the work that Dreamland Skateparks in Oregon are building at the moment. Well worth checking their website out too if you haven’t already done so.

Give that man a gold star.