my slalom boards and more

from L-R:
Fibreflex 38" pintail, Eric Moore’s Plank, Fibreflex Mallard, Skaterbuilts - hybrid and tight, Roe S-Camber, Turner, and my trusty park board!!

far out!
So Haggy I hear you like Slalom!
What are those trucks on the picket fence skater?

Front is a tracker rtx rear is an Indy offset. I think!

BTW Mosu, Indy are a good rear slalom truck. Because you really dont want too much turn on the rear. Oh boy ive done it now.

BTW we have the same amount of posts now. Bwa hahahahah.

Scott’s right about the rear truck - Indy offset.
The front is an Indy as well actually.

The rear truck on the Mallard is a Turner offset, similar end-result as the Indy offset but different construction - both pretty sweet trucks delivering extra traction.

Hey Haggy, what are the radicals like?

I’ve only tried the Radicals briefly - last year in the States.
They felt very responsive, amazingly easy to turn. I think all the hype is probably quite justified. I don’t have any plans to get a set tho - they aint cheap!! Been looking at the SplitFire trucks recently, they are supposedly very good as well and considerably cheaper.

mmm food for thought splitfire.
So…Pocket pistols deck, splitfire trucks and manx wheels would be a reasonable set-up yeh?

The truck on the rear of the Fibreflex Mallard reminds me of HotButtered trucks, they had such an amazing turn on them.
Another old 70s board called The Condor was another that had extrordinary turn.

Ahh translucent green condor…pristine endless marble of the ming wing at monash university 75’-76’.

Got a red one in the collection!! very original, even the wheels are condor

I seen a Condor head into a gutter at warp speed one day and it shatered into a million bits just leaving the trucks and wheels laying in the gutter, dont know if the color had anything to do with it but the sucker was orange hahaha.
Another one of those old 70s classics that i always wanted to own was the CAL240, it was the board that put Surfa Sam in its place thank god! I held one the other day thanks to Kelvin and his garbo collection days.


yeah mate, a pocket pistol with splitfires and manx would definitely do the trick!!
The chicken dagger is a pretty good allround board, although best on slightly bigger courses. The brown bomber is also a good one, a bit smaller so you can run tighter courses.

let me know if you have any questions regarding slalom setups in the slalom forum…

Love your fence paling racer. OG. A surfer mate of mine, Brian who’s brother came second in the Victorian Skateboard championships in 66 I think (Gary Clearihan - RIP brother) says the first skateboard he saw riden was at Byron Bay in the very early sixties. It was a fence paling with roller skate wheels. He came back from that surfing trip and immediately built home made boards for him and his younger brother Gary - who went on to do pretty well. I have seen some Super 8 footage of Gary from the mid sixties which I am currently trying to arrange to be copied and extract stills from. Will post when I’m done. But thats a nice pun that board - well done haggy. By the way Gary, a carpenter, kept a board in the back of his work Kombis (he only drove Kombis) at all times through his life and casually skated right up to his untimely death in 98. I had a number of impromptu skates with him throughout the '90s in South Melbourne - and he was super stylish. Its a pity he can’t take part in the current old school renaissance. He really would have loved it