naccos slalom meet

had a get together today great fun :laughing: me , old skool rich, paul carey, mathaiss, brad , and beau, we had a tight coarse at the top and gs style further down all finished up with big grins will be doing this more often

FrontRow is;
Old School Ritchie,John Da Pom,Boyd
Paul Carey, Brock, Matthias.

Photo by Jake.

Cheers, Matthias.

Top day had by all.Got to see some good form by every one. Paul has the ability to excellerate from every turn with good tight lines . Matthias learnt the lines first and then only got better as the day went on.If John gets more practice he is one to be reconded with ,very smooth lines probably the smoothest of all of us.Saw the course run clean by a long board this was quite a feat as the course was quite demanding. I got to play around with techniques on two different types boards.The last few cones I found could be run feet parrallel in a full tuck position on a TS camber flex.Extremly fast but close to loosing it (ie ballance fore and aft )was scetchy.Thanks to all the crew the pics the cones etc .Count me in next time.I want to tape the handy cam to the front of the board to see the fall line up close and personal and do running footage of us to study our technique more.