NACCOSS boys doing bangalow

Two NACCOSS boys will be doing Bangalow this week end. Looking forward to having a good time. The boys from Force will be comming so I hear and the Carve boys as well.This is a first for us and could be an anual event for us cause we loved the Slalom day we had a while ago.Heard that Greg Ambler is right into slalom and I would love to see the gear he is running with ,some new BTS slalom boards I hear.
Paul Carey and myself will keep you posted on how we went.

Haggy, Greg Ambler - look out! I’ve seen Old School Richie’s custom slalom board with contoured wheelweels, which he rides Steve Cathey-at-Catalina-parallel-style. I’ve ridden his slalom boards before (30 years ago)and they are The Shit. He’s gonna give you guys a real run for ya money 8)

Good Luck to u fellaz’, Greg’ BTS reppin’, Brah Pete, Ol’ Skool Richie, & all the Syd-ers boyz’ doin’ it up at Bangalow…
Go Hard fellaz’
Let us know how those insane decks go Greg’

I still think u’ should be doin’ it on a tight as, vert setup, 100 a duros’, Indy 169’s, 10" x 33.5", whatcha reckon, only jokin’

I would wish u luck 2’ Haggy…but u don’t need it matey…sk8hrd all !!!
Lookin forward to c-ing the picz’ & footage…
Go the Black Leather !!!
The Flanno’ is with u’ !

Oh yeah’

Say g’day to Tim Vlandis’ from CARVE for me, try & get his number, or pass on mine…Want to get the miss’z a CARVE deck to roll, she wanted one after c-ing em’ at the Bank comp !

Cheers’ Cam

Bangalow Slalom.Well boys shock of the day Haggy got 2nd this time round but not without a good fight. Truely inspiring racing by all the top guys .Congradulations to all the winners.Well Paul Carey brought home the bacon for the Naccoss boys got himself in the top 8. If he didn’t draw Haggy in one of the heats he could have gone further,even though he doesn’t think so.He did it by just trying to run clean. Top guys were going down by a few cones getting knocked over or getting disqualified.That is the harsh reality of racing.As for the DRs predictions I disqualified 1st round.Was very hard to wash of speed to negotiate the off set cones .Bloody top course layed out by the organizers heaps of fun (a real challenge)Greg Ambler and John Grey kicked ass and were winners too.Got some good vid footage.Steve who was the champ of the day will get my tape to compile a disc He can mix and match with other footage and get a good promotional dvd.Slalom is litrally on the move and you got to give it ago. We had one of the best times we can rember. We will be doing it again next time and we hope to get more skaters up for it.As Haggy said last year Bangalow rocks.We love your town .

sounded cool ritchie, nice one paul top 8 go you good thing!!