naccs as in scratch your naccs

last night at san remo we had a great sess at in the stinking heat about six of us al from newy or the central coast and all decided to meet regular. as san remo is half way between newy and the central coast we started talking about mash style set up gennie , lights etc, and with old skool ritchie and paul carey standing around we came up with NACCS, NEWCASLE AND CENTRAL COAST SKATES we all laughed and said fuck yeah . so newy and central coast post here

i,m in dude :wink:

What’s a good time to skate San Remo? Or now that the heat has really arrived, should I just wait for lights?

I also look forward to being thoroughly NACCered in 2006. I’m just glad at the moment, given yesterday’s events in the central coast, that San Remo is concrete, not timber! And I hope all NACCSarians remained safe and sound … BTW, I’m into a Sydney-based preemptive invasion of San Remo anytime in January …

session at san remo tonight 2/1/06 at 6.30 best time to sess would be when the sun drops a bit ,bloody hot at the moment mash crew organise a date and time and naccos will be there. NACCOS. NEWY AND CENTRAL COAST OLD SKOOL

Some Newy and Ctrl coast crew went today .Had awesome session.We trialed lights to good effect.Night sessions are a go. Lots to catch up on .2006 looks good for us oldies.Richie.

hey ritchie sorry couldnt make it 3 month old kid is tying me down stoked you all had sick sess told paul going to slam on wednesday night trying to get booomer and jay boy our newest recruits from the uk to come
later sk8ter john the pom

paul c frontside at slam and ritchie does my bum look big in this shot

John are you and the boys up for a session next wed .If you are let us know.I will see if mick is available .We could have a night sess at the Remo .just for somthing different.Let us know I’ll go with the flow .KEEP ON ROLLING Richie

gday ritchie good idea to me i will phone paul and try to get boomer to come mathiass is on holidays what time? the only thing against us will be the weather showers forecast all week slam if raining
catch yer later john the pom

I figure about 6:30 would be ok. If it rains slam 7:00.I might bring my vid/cam and get some footage.By the way I don’t care if my bum looks big cause the missus thinks its sexy anyway. I will bring my gennie and light if the weather holds out we may be able to have a night session.I’m easy but not cheap.Richie

Ritchie. I’m keen for a roll. Pick me up?
That backside air came out of nowhere. It was over my head!(me sitting on the platform)

Hey I hope the newy crew are heading to belco? Only 11 more sleeps you know! :smiley:

6.30 it is then if the weather holds, fingers crossed ,if not then slam .sorry boris cant make belco will have to make the pilgrimage some day but not this time

I will be there . I don’t know who will be with me at this stage but there should be some newy crew going. See ya there.

Yeh Borris I’m going .Don’t know who else is going,but I presume the Hated crew will be there.I might see if any ctrl/coast guys want to come cause I may have spare seat available.I leave on the 25th . Look forward to seeing you there. Richie.

back on board after the silly season and planning my first couple of goes at remo in the next couple of weeks, cant wait!!!
noticed over at that mayfield is finally a goer and that newy beach park is getting resurfaced , good to see some movement there finally.
Ive had thoughts at times due to newies terrain shortage that maybe a cheaper alternative for something half decent would be to have a go at say something like elemore vale capsule to, first work on smoothing up the surface, add some pool coping and i think it would be easy to add an extension in the deep end that tapered around to the flat sides with tiles and pool coping!!! I think at pizzey park they built ply extensions but i reckon you could do it like a rendered retainer wall, I dunno just pipedreams to save my travel time!!!

Looking around Slalom is getting popular again ( Who’s interested ) I know Paul is and so am I. I currently don’t run a slalom board how ever I would love to do it again it is a whole new realm and very enjoyable. Some techniques that were learned in the 70s ,I want to see if it is still aplicable today.I used to ride camber flex type boards feet parrallel with 0j s and wide trucks.It would probably take me about 4-5 weeks to re learn the technique again. Its good but I remember how hard it was to learn in the first place. Please give me some feed back. Richie

John u Pom. Post some photos of recent naccs sessions at Slam please or anything else that takes ur fancy. Mike. Thanks again for the squiz at that Skating life with the JB interview. JB’s a great mate of mine. We grew up skating everything together. I wish he was free to sk8 more now.

will do mike give me a day or two