National Capital Slalom Championships 19-20 Oct 2013 - Menu

Hi everyone,

I contacted Statesman (Skatesman) hotel and have let the Bistro know we will be invading the joint on Saturday night:

Please find attached their new Bistro menu.

If people can post up their intended preference I’l contact the Bistro so they can make sure they have enough of any popular dishes.

Cheers CROSS Crew!!


Prawn cocktail with 1000 island sauce & buttered bread $12
Salt & pepper squid 4pcs with saffron aioli served on chips $14
Calamari rings 5pcs with tartar sauce served on chips $14
Cramped king prawns 4pcs with tartar sauce served chips $15.50
Half & half 2 cramped king prawns & 4 calamari rings with tartar sauce & chips $18 Spice chicken wings served with chips and bbq sauce 10pcs $12
Prawn twisters served with sweet chilly $ 12

Garlic bread (2pcs) $2.50 Herb bread (2pcs) $2,50 Cheese bread (2pcs) $3.00
Entrée size $5 - Main size $8 N/A

Caesars salad $12
Chicken Caesar $16
Chicken mango salad $18(available for lunch time only) Thai beef salad $18 (available for lunch time only) Greek salad $6.5
Tubule plain $6.5
Sejuhan Calamari 7pcs with saffron aioli on a garden salad $22 (available for lunch time only)
Potato salad $6.5 Pasta salad $6.5


  1. Penne Carbonara $20
  2. Penne Boscaiola with bacon, mushrooms, chicken, besamel, spring onions & cream $22 –add avocado $2
  3. Penne fungi (Swiss brown & bottom mushrooms) (v) $20
  4. Spaghetti alio olio (garlic, virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese) (v) $15
  5. Spaghetti pesto with pine nuts and cherry tomatoes (v) $18
  6. Spaghetti marinara (seafood, spring onions, Napoli sauce & cream) $25
  7. Spaghetti Neapolitan with Kalamata olives and spring onions (v) $18
  8. Spaghetti Bolognaise $18.50


  1. Supreme $25
  2. Meat lovers $24
  3. Pepperoni$23.5
  4. Hawaiian $23.5
  5. Margarita (v)$20
  6. Vegeterian$21.5

All our dishes (except pizza & pasta) are served with vegetables or salad and chips

  1. Chicken avocado $25
    (grilled chicken breast topped with avocado & creamy sauce )
    Creamy lemon Chicken $22
    (grilled chicken breast in a creamy white wine and lemon sauce)
  2. Creamy Chicken & mushrooms (Rebecca) $23
    (grilled chicken breast with 2 kind mushrooms, white wine and cream)
  3. Caramelized chicken $25
    (grilled chicken breast with mushrooms in a caramelized balsamic vinegar and red wine sauce with toasted sesame seeds.)
  4. Mediterranean chicken $25
    (grilled chicken breast in a sweet chilly ,saffron and cream sauce with garlic king prawns & white wine.)
  5. Chicken Stroganoff $23
    (grilled chicken with mushrooms Wostershire sauce, white wine ,ketchup & cream)
  6. Chicken schnitzel $20
  7. Chicken Parmagiana $21 8) Chicken Kiev $17
  8. Chicken Mexicana $25
    (chilly ,capsicums ,Bolognaise sauce, melted cheese on top & sour cream)
    10)Concord chicken $ 23 (grilled chicken breast topped with bacon in a seeded mustard ,white wine and cream sauce)
    11)Serf & Turf grilled chicken breast $26
    12)Veal Scaloppini (mushrooms ,white wine & creamy sauce.) $25 13)Veal Marsala (garlic butter ,onions ,Marsala wine and cream) $23 14)Veal schnitzel $22
    15)Veal Parmagiana $24
    16)Lamb cramped cutlets (3 pcs) $27
    17)Serf & Turf $29
    (250 gr. grilled Sirloin with scallops ,king prawns ,baby prawns ,garlic, béchamel sauce ,French mustard and cream.)
    18)Beef rissoles and gravy - $20 (2 x 200 gr. Beef patties )
    19)Pork fillets with stilton & mushroom sauce $25 20)Pork fillets in a lemon and oregano sauce) $22
    T-Bone steak 400gr.$23
    Scotch fillet 400gr $25
    Sirloin steak 400gr $24
    Rump steak 400gr $23
    Fillet mignon $25
    Grilled butterfly chicken breast with lemon & oregano sauce $21 Sausages (3pcs) $17
    Grilled pork fillets $20
    Cook your own (rump or T-bone ) $20

Bream with garlic & herb butter sauce $20
Link fillets $20
Link fillets $20

Seafood basket $23
Crumbed Calamari rings 10pcs with tartar sauce and chips $20
Crumbed King prawns 8pcs with tartar sauce and chips $23
Salt & pepper squid with saffron aioli and chips (7pcs) $22
Large half & half 5 crumbed king prawns and 6 calamari rings with chips and tartar sauce $24

Roast of the day $19

Only for kids under 14 years old
Chicken nuggets with chips & tomato sauce $7.5
Mini roast plate 4 kids $9.5
Beef rissole with chips & salad and tomato sauce $9.5
Any pasta of the menu in kids size $7.5
Cramped calamari rings with chips & salad and tartar sauce $14
Fish & chips (cramped or buttered) with salad chips & tartar sauce $9.5

Check our daily specials board

SAUCES: all $2 Rich Gravy Deanne Mushroom Gravy Pepper gravy

SIDE DISHESS : 3 Plate of chips $6.5
Potato wages with sweet chilly & sour cream $8 Plate of veggies $6.5
Salad bowl $6.5

DESSERTS : check our daily specials board Sticky date putting & Scotch butter sauce $6.5 Ice cream $5
Cream Catalane $5 N/A Tiramisu $6.5 N/A Kilimantzaro ice cream $10 N/A Please check our daily black board specials

Well done Dave and thanks.
How many you guys got interested thus far mate?

thanks dave, there will be a naccos contingent in the house at the statesman frid, sat.

We’ve got 21 people on ASRA saying they are going, I’d say it will be the usual 30 plus racers both days.

ASRA is having some issues with online entry so it might be pay on the day only.