New Frankston Skatepark

Is it possible to get a reliable update on frankston skatepark and do the moss’s think it will be ready for the jam? Regardless if its finished or not I am definitely down for the jam. :confused: 8)

Boris, had a talk with Wedge and a few of the boys at last Tues MOSS sess.
From what Wedge said Frankston is due for completion in March. But as things always have a way of being late, Northcote Bowl was suggested as a back up.
General feeling is Frankston may not be finished and Northcote might be the go.

well march would be great, but i dont think they will make it. i went there the other day and i would say they far away from finishing. but it will look awesome!!!

i just came back from checking up on the frankston skate park. so far nothing has changed since christmas last year. some banks for the street course have been developed. i believe they are 2-3 month away from finishing. hopefully i will be wrong. the deep pool will look big!!!

How Big :question:



Hurry up and build it!!!

Even better its a lefthand kidney like Riverwood.

Yea Riverwoods big brother 8)


Cement or metal coping ?

That’s @%#$^&# big! Kind of Del Mar Keyhole in diameter but slightly deeper. A stray family sedan could carve its way round that! May need to airlift the Camry to the MOSS 06-07? jam.

Where’s wedge when you need im, he’s got all the info!
big bowl small camera syndrome!

From what I remember Wedge saying, this baby is 11ft deep end, 7ft shallow end.

Rye skatepark was thrown into the mix at tonites MOSS sess. Wedge even thought of postponing the MOSS Jam, until Franga is finished. But I’m sure some of you Sydney bretheren have already booked tickets, so that may not be a possibility.

Lets take suggestions as to where the Jam should be(some of us fear that Northcote might not be challenging enough for you Sydney siders)

Choices are Frankston if finished

As a MASH’r who has experienced most of the MOSS haunts
I think Northcote is fine for the JAM, I’d probably prefer Rye
but that is miles away and maybe better for the bowl tour.
How about Point Cook again or Coburg… damn too many bowls
down there!

Has anyone booked tickets yet?

i have

I think Skate Exec mentioned buying tickets for himself and son, too.


I pulled the handbrake on when the dates looked like they may change.

Dumb arse question from a Sydney boy - is there two airports in Melbs? Different airlines seems to have us landing in different places?