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Hi my name is troy eberhard

dont know what is going on coz i am drunk,i wanna post pics but brain not functioning properly

welcome troy!
pics are hard enough to post when sober…

Troy, are you from Newcastle? Newie crew are here and will hook you up with sessions times and locations - San Remo is a favorite.

Troy. You ripper. You are so hot right now. Just get along to Wed nights at Slam again and bring Cliffy and rip it up and we’ll talk about posting pics but most of all set the bowl on fire again with your blazing runs. Cheers dude, Coz.

Yea i am from Newcastle Steve T is my email for anyone chaps that may like to ad me to msn or something and hook up for a roll,halfpipes preferred bigtime
Always keen to roll,always

Hey Troy good to see you on board .Top night at Remo loved the gnarly skating you lay down.I recon Remo is licking its wounds after that one.I figure there is going to be many more sessions going down this year. It can only get better. The most that I have seen turn up for a mid week session 12 of us.If for any reason I can’t make it you guys are welcome to borrow my lights and genny.There was session planed at Mayfield tonight but the weather is not playing the game.Might do a Mayfield session next week. keep you posted.

You can count me in mate.Richie it is just such a pleasure to skate with guys who are purely in it for fun and the pure pleasure of the roll.Please keep me posted and I will keep posting

Hey troy,
gonna organise another sesh at THE pool soon, probably a week from Sunday if your Keen.

I’ll start a tread soon!


Just for you Slay


National day of SLAYER will have to be a sick day me thinks(hehehehehehehe)
When you mean THE pool Paul,do you mean the remo or the other one from Johns photos?
Ill be down

Yeah, the one from the photos, mate!

email and I’ll give you the address