new online old skool store

hey guys just browsing silverfish longboarding found this link its a aussie site dont know if its new but has heaps of stuff at reasonable prices worth a look

Reasonable prices - yeah right - $153 for a vision re issue deck i dont think so! these online stores with no overheads should pass on the savings - in america most companies dont deal with online stores cause they are under cutting the actual shops - i cant see this being a problem here! my 2cents worth - support your local store! ppmurf

I can respect that but is where its at. cheap prices and delivered internationally in 3 to 10 days

Companies that dont trade online will eventually go bankrupt.

Oldskoolstore looks interesting some cool decks a little on the pricey side
great range of Kyrptonic’s

ok didnt look at vision prices :blush: was looking at randall prices cheaper there, but two shops i look at manly blades and boarders have prices the same or higher i tried at first to order direct from states but with post and packaging it nearly worked out to $160au glad i found charlie got two decks from braden . braden cant stock everything. with the prices on the alva decks iknow thats the same price kwala says is retail when it sells in shops ive seen a invoice of product for sale all i was saying was i found a site with old skool stuff with out the hassle of ordering overseas

I tell you one thing its cheaper to buy from overseas - flat out and you get a better choice - with all australias taxes and bullshit i buy from a local store and anything i cant get i get from howard at calskates in the us - i ordered 2 vallely re-issues from calskates shipped airmail to australia 10 days at a cost of $220au. I’d still prefer to buy here but with the amount of decks i buy i need to be able to get alot of decks that cant and wont be ordered by distributers here - my 2 cents ppmurf

man…this internet thing can be dangerous for the bank balance, after reading your post ppmurf checked out the calskates website and saw the skull skates line! Jaks team, Phil E, danforth! would have killed for any of those in like 1989!