new pavel decks

new pavel decks coming soon.they have 4 new decks on there site now dan cheeck it out

The twin terror looks juicy however it comes with a premium pricetag. You are getting an all glass deck though. The bigger width suits bigfoot’s like myself.
The new Bark is a good option also and a much better price.

This is nice if the budget does not stretch to carbon…33 x 9

picked up a pierre gravel today cant wait till the weekend to grip and set it up. ps has a lot more truck postions than the photographed version

a new pavel deck on the block is the CHRIS SCHÜTZ model
it is a full glass deck made in a brand new cnced mould with a stretched p-camber(please note that p-camber is a very own pavel-concave featuring a cambered middle section and spoon/3d concaves on nose and tail).
board-measurements are
widest point nose section:9,5"

here is the twin terror deck
this is the other version with wood and glass.a regular kicktail/concave deck made to fit our standards which means it also sports stealth edges and a very stiff,but responsive all-around performance.this deck is more aimed towards todays’ open courses,suitable for hybrid and gs.
board-measurements are
widest point nose section:10"
widest point tail section:8,125"

stay tuned kids… :smiling_imp: :wink:

you gunna say bazinga Marty,

the pierre rides very nice better than i thought love the look of those pavels only problem for me is the price how much are they.the pierre cost me 120 oz shipped by a friend.

hope the shuctz had a permission from strople for the logo.

Just ordered Twin Terror and GOGS.

Bout time SA pulled out its finger for some slalom races.
Boomer needs to visit as many states as we can trick him into visiting!

make that countries bernie… :wink: :laughing:

pavel dark cult decks now also available… :smiling_imp:

G.O.G 8) 8)

I am replacing my pavel…like the look of the gravel and twin terror…more info?

Marty seems pretty happy with the Gravel. Looks like it does the job well but hard to tell with Marty, he rips on anything. Solid well made deck defs worth a shot.

Did you ram the Gunner into a gutter? Ply takes a floggin’ better than the carbon I reckon.