New product interest

I want to order Khiro bushings, the makers of the best truck bushings and riser pads. Any interest out there?

I also have access now to Indy’s and need an idea of #'s.
I will post more info and prices soon.

That would be right…you get Indys AFTER I go out and buy some!!!

(sigh). :unamused:

If its any help, I did a little searching around here is Sydney, cheapest I found them for was $44.95 each. Most expensive were $50 each. No prizes for guessing who got the business!

Oh by the way, I’m a very happy chap with the deck ,wheels and bearings you supplied!

I’d be keen on some bushings for no.1 son. Softest indy reds aren’t quite soft enough for his feather weight frame.

Any word on your shipment Braden?

Thats pretty steep for indy’s at 100$ a set. :imp:
80 $ is a fair price, thats the best I could find, possibly mates rates, 75$ is a bargain by todays standards.
The trackers Braden has are a bargin and excellent truck for 75$, more than satisfied with my set. Weighing up if I get Indy’s or another set of trackers for my next setup, Indy’s though require better rubbers than the stock ones in them???
oh yeah sorry Braden, count us in for some bushes, risers and Indy 169’s

bushings and risers to suit indies and destructo would be great Do Khiro have any info on rider weight v bushing hardness or is it a suck it and see deal

By the way I like the destructos

Jimmy, I have a set of black hanger 6tracs in near new nik if you wanna swap your destructos

Jimmy, I coulda got em a bit cheaper - but the money saved would have gone on either petrol or postage…

I did consider trackers, having used them when I was a young bloke…but I’ve had indys like forever, and just couldnt bring myself to change!

Besides - the budget allowed for it after getting all the other stuff cheap, and now I have what is basically a dream setup for me!

All comes down to personal prefs I guess.

Fletch, i will just buy them off you if you like, same stock bushes still in them?, they seem to work well. I will keep my destructo’s for a vert set up and just because i can, even though you know what I think about them, I’m a horder from way back.
It must be a good feeling bondiboy when you can tune in a setup, i’m still trying to get my holy grail, had a win on wheels, bearing and decks, trucks im still undecided so I’ll keep all my options, setups intac!
My ole Powell Peralta Bucky Lasek (89/90) is still what I judge my new stuff by as far as a carve, all rounder goes, F!@#I just loved that board :smiling_imp:

Back in the day all i rode was 1/2 and mid tracs then lazer wides wind the clock forward 25yrs and indies have been my truck of choice.

However, I wacked a set of 6.5 destructos with mini dubs on my quad 10 and have to admit once i got a few runs in I like them

Would be fun to playwith different bushings

Fletch, your obviously busy like I am at work, Friday arvo special
Hope the wind swings by the morning or disapears, there was a bit of swell when I left for work this morning???

Khiro’s are awsome. There’ve got that new box kit thing now too.
Skatexec, Ive got some some soft blue destructo bushings we could try on James board. Might even have a spare set of softy blue doh-doh’s for him to try too. There awsome.

My experiences
Tracker bushings - not too bad.
Tracker white hour glass - sick good.
Independant - not too bad
Bones - good
Khiro - very good
Destructo - good
Grind king - stock hard red ones yuk. Softer blue ones good.
Doh doh’s - Love em.
cheap Orange no name from Boarders Manly - love em.

This is for a man who like to carve fast and loose but still with rebound.
Some of you half pipe airialist (Mulhall) might hate them.
Ah, a hah, now I know why Mulhall doesnt carve. I want to see him carve. Lets give him heaps till he does. Ay Michael, whats up with that.

That’d be cool Scott thanks (the bushes). I’ve seen the white Khiro’s on set ups in pics and they’re sooooper soft so I’da probly gone blue for James.

Braden, if you can get the box sets Scott’s takin about (which I gather gives you a few sets to tinker with) I’d take them.

The Khiro kits. Pic from

Hey Braden - I’m down for a set or 2 …else it’s off to Merlin.

Cheers, Matthias.

Waiting for pineapples …

Blue DoDo’s and Destructo’s, don’t mix, chopped the top bush out in first carve sesh, went back to destructo bushes, ok, trying indy med (orange)now seem to keep it in a straight line, not carve-tastic.

That is a brilliant idea with the khiro’s in a pack, all combinations right at your finger tips, a quality product. Looking foward to try those out :smiling_imp:

Hey Jimmy, are the Powell rib bones still a goer?

Braden, what othert brands/products do you have in the pipeline?

I have just ordered 3 hessian hellrider II’s cant wait for a square tail 9" for the tighter bowls.

Love the quad 10 but it bottoms out over the hump at torquay…must learn to air it I guess

Cant wait to have a go on the shitbird Fletch!
Soon as I distribute the booty from BDS (when it arrives!) the gear I’ve been looking at is…
Pool King pool pirate
34.5 x 10.50 with a 16.50 wheelbase
smooth even concave
Heard great things about this one, maybe perfect for Point Cook?

American Nomad - Bill Danforth
32.25 x 8.50 with a 15.5 wheelbase
smooth medium depth concave
Nothing but praise for this deck on S&B, BDS forums

Any takers?

for sure cap’n …

got me some staab purple pirates coming - just need me a cabin boy …I mean cabin girrll :laughing:

down for one Pool Pirate Capn Braden,

aaarghhh cheers, Matthias

Like the cut of your jib matee…aarghh I was just about to hoist the Staabs up the mainsail, seems I’m one step behind you deckdogs!
Pool king Michael Stefaun
5 ply maple, 2 ply polymer
33.5 x 9.0 with 15.5 wheelbase
smooth even concave
Interesting shape, much lighter and less flex.

Slalom time
Pocket pistols hardcore series chicken dagger
33.2 x 8.50 wheelbase 22"
soft or medium flex.

Duane peters
32.75 x 8.85 wheelbase 20.75"

Simon Levene coughin cut
30.0 x 8.4 wheelbase 19"

TS hardcore
29.5 x 8" wheelbase 18"

Kevin Staab trackers in 149mm and 161mm sixtrack

Tracker rts (rear) & rtx (front) slalom trucks

anyone? Bueler?

Lot’s of inerest in the Pool pirate which is pressed in San Diego Cal, the price should be $100.00 - 110.00 shipped for most of the decks pictured.
This one also gets rave reviews, Skip makes a great deck and it has a square tail.
SMA flying chili pepper 33.25 x 9.75 wheelbase 16.75