New Tony Alva documentary

There is a new Tony Alva documentary, it premiered at Newport Beach Film Festival in April.

Don’t know if Australia is going to get screenings or it will be put online, do we still do DVDs?



Unrelated but still about Tony
Loveletters episode about Tony Alva

Bowlarama 2007 Tony and Omar signing posters .Got the prime position on the fence above the bowl and reluctant to leave …Daughter says go now dad as the autograph hunting numbers had dwindled .Intrduced myself to TA and had 20 mins of relaxed conversation with old mate .Asked him to sign a poster for me …No worries what was your name again ? Got back to my prime position on the fence .Check this out …To Pete sk8 for lyf

I have met him a few times, always impressed with his attitude. I suppose the movies sometimes portray him as this arsehole self centred skater but in reality he is just one of the crew. Maybe he was that person, and he has aged into a skating elder style dude.

I met him at this years Vans event, which they did instead of bowl-a-rama. Asked him if we could arrange a podcast interview, he said yes but don’t know if he had time this trip, work it out with the Vans management etc. It felt like Vans were managing stuff for him to in between his skating :-). At the Vans event, they had a skatepark in the lower level of the building. Tony would randomly show up, unannounced and skate. Very funny to watch skaters reactions of standing next to Alva on a ramp, waiting his turn, not wanting to snake anyone.

Got a message from one of the directors of the documentary - Buddy Nichols

He said there will definitely be an Aussie screening of the film, but I have to hassle Vans. Chris Nieratko in particular. I have his details, but I’m not going to dox him online.

I’ll start hassling him.