Proud to be offering the following very soon:
Pocket pistol…pool and slalom
Skull skates…Pool, old school, downhill.
Cohort…Pool and old school
PPS Manx
Pool crusher
Tunnel rocks

And restocking Khiro bushings and Alva Wheels.
More details soon.

That’s awesome news! And so the CDS empire grows :smiling_imp:

Absolutely amazing.

Yeah Braden! Better get your shop front jazzed up, we’ll be spreading the word man…

Thanks guys!..

Tunnel rock wheels heh! Like the sound of that Braden.

unreal braden onya champ!!

MMMM, Tunnel Rocks hey Braden. Are you gonna get em in blue and red??

Yeh both colours…90 and 95a

Started to add products now…should be finished in a few days.
Shipping on this gear should be faster, and I will keep prices as low as poss.
If they are listed they are available.
Still yet to track down cheap reliable source of clear jessup…so if anyone knows…say.

OH YEH if the price says $0 it’s not free it’s coz I aint worked it out yet!

if you dont know the price you had better list it as “to be advised” cause there may actually be a legal obligation to sell at price listed on site.

or at least add a disclaimer such as “prices subject to variation”.

Hate to see you get burnt on that issue. I know most people on this site would be cool about it but its probable better to dot the i’s and cross the t’s

tried to put tba but it would’nt let me…guess I’ll bite the bullet.

“Most people”? Hmm, I dunno, I’m pretty tempted to snap up a few with the $0 offer … :smiling_imp: :laughing:

Got some of dem dere Pocket pistols pool decks in today…mmmmmm Like Bulldogs these are nicely made babies!