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Oz ebay…I think?

not unless you gotta death wish don’t bother dude!,we had these in the u.k. ,certain death absolute!! :confused:

i rode one of those carver style weird extra thing under the front truck to make it turn"like a surfboard"…WTF if your a skater dont go near one…they are totally spastic

I’ve got one of the Carver C7 front trucks I think you’re describing. I actually like it, but you HAVE to think surf rather than skate when you ride it - much lighter on the front foot. I’ve never gone too fast or pushed too hard with it as it’d be a deathwish at my level of ability!!!

Hey chris if you are looking for a board that can be used as a cross trainer for snowboarding & or surfing you can’t go past a Carveboard or stik. (3 different models of stiks). Check the web site out