Newy Elders Do Remo.

Finally! We all live within 6km of each other, but it has taken 13 months to put s

ome of the olde Newy crew in the same bowl for one afternoon.

Whoops, where was that cursor when I pushed submit? Yeah it has taken awhile for this to happen. Last time we rolled as one was at Kariong over a year ago. Still missing Andrew Gordon though.
Photos: 1.Richie
2. Sean Mussett aka ‘Gravel Burns’ doing his 1001st invert. Been awhile though.
3. John Bogaerts- Smooth backside tailslide in the shallow. (Those Bullet 66 mm wheels make for some easy rolling.)
4 & 5. Contrasting goofy footed f/s airs.
6. Sean reaching out for style points.
Photos in chrono reverse order. Let’s do it again soon.

Gee it would be fun to have a roll with those guys again. I haven’t seen either of them for a very long time.

onya cozmick finally got all the boys out :laughing:

I made that invert. (Howls of derisive laughter).
Hey what is it about goofy Newy skaters and not being able to tuck our knees? We need a pic of Gordo doing a frontside air. He can tuck his knee.
Thanks for putting those up Cozmick.
I’ll send some stills from my video and you can put those up too. That way you’ll be represented.

Gravel Burns is said to be rather fond of coffee. I am interested to know if he prefers Goldbergs, Merewether, the former Georges, or somewhere else for a decent cup of Joe? As an exiled member of the Bondi supermodel latte set, I am always looking for a better caffiene experience in Newcastle.

BTW, I will soon have a good espresso machine in my Broadmeadow flat and must confess to possessing considerable barista-like skills. After Easter, when I will be spending much more time in Newie, I hope to have all the NACCOS boys round for a coffee blast before hitting Remo with ridiculous amounts of jittery nervous energy …

How come you never invited the Bondi Boys to your place for a coffee?

Mosu, I will when I have my own place in Bondi. I am a man of two cities, and have been staying in Sydney with my parents since getting back from Europe, but just got own place doors from Fox. We can all wave to him through the back window when we are drinking our flat whites (and I don’t mean the back window of the flat …)

Gravel runs his own caffiene fix setup at home. He lashed out on an online deal ($2000!) to keep himself all nice and jittery after disposing of too much coinage at the likes of Swells Cafe at Merewether Surf Club. I’m fond of ‘any length of black’ (coffee that is!). If we were roadtripping to MOSS I would have taken the Sunbeam.

Speaking of Gravel, here are the vid capture shots he sent me. A good ol’ Bertleman turn…

And what I and many other image viewers on Charlie might call a ‘Skatexec grind’.
(After the MOSS jam I predict it will become known as an ‘RSL grind’.)

Dear Dr Stoopid
As Cozmick has stated, I don’t leave my house now without having fired up with a flat white under my own steam. However, if I do actually shed sheckles for a coffee it is generally at the Suspension café on Beaumont St (down near Maitland Rd) where I also buy my beans, or at the III (that’s 3 not ill) Bean café at the other end of Beaumont St, near Tudor St.
As for the ho hum of skateboarding, Cozmick, JB, OSRichie, myself and sometimes Gordo are sessioning weekly at the Remo. Skated there today. JB landed an invert! He’s back.
KB and I towed a SULO bin a couple of kms down the road to keep the frickin’ thing from getting burned in the bottom of the bowl. Attempts have been made, but so far no damage has been done.
People are F@u#c*k%e&d!!!
Looking forward to skating with you.