Night of the Naccoids

Thwough the eerwy darkness they came and gathered as one at the shallow end of the bwown bowl that is San Wemo. 12 men from points north and slightly south. At one stage a meteowite burnt up overhead causing some of us to gasp and choke on our beers and distilled water. Thanks to John the Pom for the pics.



Look out Big Daz! Mathius laying out a big backside grind on his new skaterbilt. He went berserk on his 12" pig a bit later doing big slash grinds all over the place.

forgot to paste it dinnt I.

Paul Carey

Carve line king and speed(rings) freak Sean Mussett aka Gravel Burns operating above and beyond the figure 8 line.

keep forgetting to frickin’ paste!

Do the math. This guy hit the vert in '79 and never looked back. Form kid ‘boy wonder’ to olde man shredder John Bogaerts is King of the Bowl this night.


Much love lads,mad night

post the pic with yer mate with the horse riding hat, gee up needy , fanx to gravel for sounds ., when i said fuck its the clash he replied is there any other kind of music :laughing: great night lets do that again soon !

John, your email didn’t include a pic of Gordo in the horseriding helmet. Got some More?

Arresting shots of Bogaerts there! So that’s what I am supposed to be doing with my Hosoi … that whole sticking out in the air thing!

I’ve had a flu for weeks now and couldn’t make it. Next week, or I have promised Cozmick Avenger I will shoot myself.

Hey Naccas - is it Remo this week ?

I love the rough feel of crete against my skin …


Mathius. I’m in for Tues at San Remo. Saw Johnny Bogaerts today, he’s got 5am start Wed so no go. Dr Stoopid Bill is in too, health permitting. But it really all comes down to Richie with gen and lights or Cliffy with same.

I’m onboard for the next expedition to San Remo. Whadaya say Richie?

And just in… the Gordo pic in the horse riding helmet and funky shoes. This guy only needs to skate 4 times a year and still rips.
He’s another goofy footer who was a Bar Beach local back in the Wesnol 1/4 era.
At 14 he shot to local stardom doing a frontside air in a Bata school shoes TV ad for a local shoe store and made the Wesnol ad in December '79 Tracks.
He’s 40 now and looks like Richard Gere meets Richard Branson and don’t the ladies love him!
Perhaps I do too… but in a brotherly sort of way.

LADIES (and gentlemen,)… ANDREW GORDON…!