North Ryde - where were you?

North Ryde memories are popping up in threads all over the site. Thought it’d be cool to post when you skated there and what you setup was to see if any repressed memories flow from of us that now each other now, but didn’t then…

I was a kid from the west who bought a day ticket every sunday for two years from 80 - 81. My set up included a hand cut ghetto gripped (sandpaper) winger cut square snub nose deck, 169’s with alva conicals that I’d performed surgery on. By surgery, I mean all but cut them in half, re-shaped em and ran em reversed. I reckon they probabaly looked like todays wheels back then (innovative huh?).

I had a white/blue airbrush flyaway and a rag tag collection of pads including NORCON knees. Me and my mate Johnny Mo’ (who I’m trying to get back on board) were joined at the hip in our love for skating until girls and cars came into our lives.

Lunch included the roll down the hill to WacArnolds (when I had enough money). Were you there?

Van was the man at Ryde at the time and often camped in the site shed overnight. Johnny and I did once get an exclusive invite to camp but for some reason my Mum thought it was a bad idea. Who camped with Van?

Do you remember me, will I remember you? Post your Ryde history now…

Look forward to hearing more Steve.

We were all a resourcful bunch of kids. I think just most of us had a go at board production a few times!
I made a logan earth ski and spent hours hand drawing the logo on the bottom. It had edwards trucks and sims snakes for wheels.
Also remember hacking a set of wheels(old clear eurathane) to try and make em better. Don’t think I succeeded to well, they started to melt a little when I took to them with the old mans drill and sanding disk.

Ah the memories!