Northcote Bowl vandalised

went for a before work roll this morning and some weak pricks have set a bonfire in the bowl similar to what happened at “the bra” in Sydney a few months back. The bottom is cratered badly right near the “deep” drop in section. How did you MAS*H guys go with the council getting the repairs done?

They still haven’t fixed it…

bastards, northcote is a fantastic bowl.
the pits in maroubra are rideable, they are about 0.5cm deep and 10cm wide, the ash was worse than the pits and it took a sandstorm to make it rideable.

I might get a chance to have a look tomorrow morning to see if we can fix it with bondcrete or similar, otherwise I’ll contact council. They have a comp there in 3 weeks so it might get some attention (or not!)

good thinkin’ Matt. Hopefully the comp. will get their asses in gear. So disappointing though.

Damn shame about Northcote, hope it gets fixed soon.

If the council end up being slack dicks…it could be up to us fellas to fix it!

Chris, when are we going to see you at a secret MOSS session?
Otherwise a week end session at coburg bowl.

went past this morning and there was an old guy there patching it up. He assured me it would be “almost” as good as before.So thumbs up to the council for getting it done so quickly

I called in also, I tried to impress upon Joe the concretor the importance of filling the hole as smoothly as he could. Then gave him a demo by skating around the rest of the bowl!!

Good to see council got onto it so quickly.

can you send joe up to maroubra please…

I hope he wrote his name in the repair…real small