Not the MOSS Jam Ditch Thingy 2013 - 25th October 7pm.

Wedge says do it!

So we know the lights are easy, and Ludi has already said…Yep, and my set will be there also.

All we need is the cone wranglers and and time-keepers to say yep also, and we get ASRA points.

Is there a Bear in there??? YES THERE IS!

$10 entry for MOSS Foundation!


Possible event for Sunday Arvo if there is enough interest.

After the Chillout Session at St Kilda Skate Park

Watch here for weather updates.

Ditch might not be dry enough.

For Sunday, slalom will be right here:

Paste -37.856643,144.977828 into the google maps search field. [color=red]Or click this

Free 1&2 hour parking on Canterbury rd, or ticket parking in Hockey drive.

Similar width and gradient to Fawkner Park, heaps more run out options so there is no need to slow down for the finish line, and it’s also long enough for 100 cones.

News in from Ludi.
Ditch had a few showers and some drizzle, but it might be OK.

So Plan is meet at ditch, before 7pm.
If everyone can Bring an old towel, we might get to race, or just do a trick and chin-wag session.

If we all decide to hit a car-park at Monash, we will leave a message in chalk on the footpath for the stragglers.

There is NO PLAN B
So see you at the Ditch!

See you at 8pm at the car park at the far north west corner of the Uni grounds. Back car park.

Yes it was flooded, but that did not stop us racing.

We went to the big multideck carpark at Monash Uni, sussed out a ramp, and did some car park slalom. It was a fun session, wigglin under the security cameras.

Of course the new security guards know not to mess with us anymore, so instead of being polite, they did the next most unspeakable thing possible, and simply turned the lights off!

At least we got enough runs in to get a result, and here it is!

Ranking Name Best Time
1 Nick Sable 12.71
2 John McGrath 12.85
3 Rob Francis 13.31
4 Daniel Monaghan 14.5
5 Damien Smith 15.37
6 Junior Linke 15.78
7 Martin Rowley 16.13
8 Hamish Cheyne 16.19
9 Mike Wittman 17.37
10 Brent Connor 20.35
11 Harry Ludorf 21.34
12 Bernie Griffiths 21.58
13 Aaldert VanDenBerg 21.78
14 Brady Lane 999

Monash Security has all the pics!

Apart from the MOSS jam going off in the bowl, and raising over $7000 at the Dan O’Connell after party, we still got to do some park racing on Sunday.

Fabulous weather, and a new spot in Albert Park, where our dirty wiggling was out and proud, and on display to hoards of bicycle riders zipping by in slick lycra.
( yes both are disturbing images!)

Anyway we got lots of compliments and people asking us where they could learn the wiggle.

So here are the results…

1 Brady Lane 12.34
2 Nick Sable 12.56
3 John McGrath 12.74
4 Daniel Monaghan 13.22
5 Martin Rowley 15.16
6 Harry Ludorf 15.62
7 Hamish Cheyne 16.31
8 Rory Ludorf (Grom) 19.63
9 Bernie Griffiths 21.25
10 Mike Wittman 35
11 Damien Smith 99
12 Brent Connor 99





Nick, Brady, Johnny

Good job…hows the new spot?

youth on woods a worry, looks like everything was thrown at him to no avail,

He’s kickin’ arse on bennett/tracker/ply and downhill wheels :astonished: