nutts to Lock NUTTS

Yesterday saw me carving about with the mash crew at dulwich the cession was good not too hardcore with Clay even doing a coffe run. I mentioned to Tonyg that the front left was making a strage sound and very catchy I crabed my skate tool and slacken the nut off slightly she spun much better the ron seemed to calm down too
Later in the day my girl sugested that she would like to do her bondi walk I was tied but I love that bowl. We got there to find MAL,RGRANT,CHIRS,FLURO,BONDI NICK,ROLLARBALL,AND TI, I love these cessions chirs and I are about the same level but we learn so much from these afternoon rippers.
The cession was winding down with just myself Ti and rgrant still carving about. I droped in pulled a good frontside of the shallow and at fullbore headed down the waterfall at first I thought the drain plate had come off when I crossed over it but when I slamed I saw a wheel and nutt bouncing over the concrete. My left shoulder felt numb I knew this was no average slam. I stood up and could feel the rotater cuff had shifted at lest 50mm to the left, Richard said muz you ok? , no Rich its bad dude call the ambos he draged me out with my good arm and the bondi skate brotherhood swung into action. My board was gathered up and pads and helment removed and placed into my alva bag.
The boys made me comfortable as we waited for the ambos, THE PAIN WAS UNBEARABLE the boys helped me though it but I was never so clad to see that pethadean sucker, It seemed along way to st vincents and I felt every fucken bump all the way :laughing:
I had to laugh at the ambos getting me out I said I can’t drop that , and then feeling the arms drop out of the table ,and then rolled down to the big fat Doc in bay one
Yes full dislocation, nurse set up morphene drip call down surgon to relocate then xray.
Then this nurse [ great eyes and built venus] put me on the morphene rainbow buss. I awoke to find my girl Lee,venus, and the big fat doc at the end of the bed.’’ How do you feel Mr Tomsen time for your xray’’
The xray dude was cool and said he street skates heaps in the carpark during his breeks. All clear no fractures just take it easy and let it all settle down. Special thanks to Richard,Nick,Flouro and Peter and all the bondi crew.
The moral of this little event is simple check ya bloody wheel nuts :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :laughing:

Bummer Dude!

hope the injury heals quickly.

Scott can you give Muzza that book on rehabilitating Shoulder injuries

best slam i have seen in a long while, you rule. get well soon mustang.

Nice nurse to tend you though.
Lucky escape MM.
PS - you were right on about timmy Jak.
He was a real skater - not a terrain snob - was great company for the day on Sunday and he ripped Borg Bowl and the Pox Bowl. Great terrain and crap terrain.
Cheers Mark. Sorry we didn’t see you at MOSS. Hope to have a skate with you one day soon. Maybe the rumoured Borg Ramp session on Sydney Harbour.

Thanks Micheal, Mark,Chirs, yea Timmys good value hay.Guys Skoots’ a lot more banged up than me if you get time please drop him a couple of support messages hes’ feeling bitt down :frowning:

Sad to hear of your big slam there Muz - hope you are feeling OK and you heal up fast mate!

Mark, we’ll have to invent skater shoulder pads. Or grommet guards. Mark and I just traded shoulder damage details over the phone. Ive had no releaf in pain for three months and the doc recons I have a 50 50 chance of a frozen shoulder. I’ll know more in a week or two but if it is then Im out for another 9 months. They cannot operate on a frozen shoulder. Faaaaaaark.
This morning I had some kind of magnetic vibrating device going on it and its strapped up now for a few days. I cant even play guitar right now. Shit happens. :unamused:

Thats bad luck Scott.
You can forgive yourself when its self inflicted - but snaking slams!
You can still slalom well?

glad to hear you are doing well mark. the slam was impressive, sparks flying everywhere had people wondering what the hell he had hit down in the bowl, his front truck is worn a third of the way through. sorry to hear your update skoot, fingers crossed on that one.

Sorry to hear about the injuries lad’s (maybe you were secretly bashed by bill :open_mouth: ) Those injuries are no laughing matter and hope to see you guy’s out there a.s.a.p. Speaking of injuries LUX put himself out of commission at kariong by stepping back on his board whilst bailing, whipping him to the flat and f#@king his back. He could barely walk and it looks like he wont be doing the FRANKSTON comp next weekend. :cry:

Crikey, the injuries are piling up out there :frowning:

Best wishes to all the casualties - I hope to see you all in fine fettle and up and rolling real soon!

OOOH sheeezh - sorry to hear of that beef Muz. So no Dullo tonight…

The big bitch gave young J boy a serve on Satdy too. He’s OK though with only a sore arse to remind him that bondi girl demands respect.

Get well Skoot, Muz and Lux…

Sorry to read of your pain, and hope you are all back on truck soon.

While you are laid up, you should rent the film Fight Club (Ed Norton & Brad Pitt). Might help you get your head around the idea of getting a good kicking at our age.

The first rule of Skate Club is - you do not talk about Skate Club


Sorry to hear about your injury Mark. Happened to me but I was fortunate enough to be able to bail. Didn’t that happen at Riverwood last Wednesday night to some one . Fairly common occurance along with bearing collapse.Hope you get better soon.We all should check our equiptment more often.I got a strange one to deal with at the moment. I just built some offsett slalom trucks and not to sure how strong they are. The axels may have crystalized where I welded the offsett pieces on and could be real brittle.They seem strong but the thought of them breaking at high speed is always in the back of my mind. Scarry suff hey

Wow, that’s a bummer Mark - hope it heals up okay nice and quick. And to think it happened on the same day I had my first roll since my knee recon 4 months or so ago (which thankfully went well).

Scott - no skating OR guitar?!?! Sheesh that’s nasty.

Muz, sorry to hear about your beef with Bondi. Hope the shoulder heals quick.

Scott, did I meet you at Belco? I think it was just after you and that kid collided in the bowl. Muz introduced us and we had a smoke out in the carpark :unamused: Anyway, bummer about your shoulder too.

The both of you get better soon.

And hey, you need to replace those nUtTs every once in a while :wink:

Mark and crew get well soon!

A similar thing happened to Johnny Gray at the 2004/2005 Sydney Old Skool Jam, he was killing Da Bra and his front wheel just went free wheeling and damn … we all know what happens!

To top this off, once he got his senses again, he was cruising around on my 1970s cruise board and the same thing almost happened again while he was cruising the banks with Scotty Spring!

Thank you all ,boys I just come back from phsio and he said that it should be ok in about a week and a half. Im’ more worried about it making me a bitt gun shy first time out. :smiley: :smiley:

so take it easy an cruise the first few skates. its all about enjoyment not being a sado masochist.