O/T 2006 HD Street Rod

Not skating I know but with mid life upon us all I figure this might be on the money.

harley-davidson.com/en/home. … cale=en_AU

2006 VRSC Street Rod 8)

Told my missus mid-life means HD or mistress - you choose :unamused:

Oh blimey - not a Harley!! There are tons of better/cheaper bikes out there - and besides the insurance would be crippling!

Waddaya mean not a Harley!? This one’s donk revs ALL the way to 9,000 and it only weighs 295kg :wink:

I’m probably more in love with the idea than the reality of owning any sorta road bike. I’ve had dirt bikes, even a trike once but never a road bike. Sport bikes are just too quick and the Jap cruisers well, we know they’re better bikes that the HD’s they mimic - but they’re just not harleys…

The actual chnaces I’d buy one are like 1,000,000:1 but still, I like the thought of it…

Im more in love with the idea of having sex with Sandra Bullock


I have a better than 1,000,000:1 chance too. Here she is watching me skate:

Modern harleys jus don’t cut it. it’s definately just about owning something with that badge…However show me something pre evo and I’ll show you a happy man. That being said pre evo harleys are awful to ride and about as unreliable as you can get but I would die for either of the pan heads from easyrider.

Bring on the straight through pipes and hard tails!!!

Where do you host pics for uploading Scott? I had this great pic all lined up of Megan Gale watching me skate, well she was watching something. OK OK, she’s semi naked on some rich pricks boat in Italy but you still would have appreciated it :wink:

I dont know what your talkin bout. Those pics are real. I took the first one and her bodygard (bondiboy66) took the second. Ah shit my wifes home. Busted. Better go.


Skatexec open acc with www.photobucket.com and then drag IMG string into forum box.

Will do Braden…

Who’s chopper is it baby?

Zeds dead baby…

Wanted a harley all my life but you gotta admit there is a pretty high wank factor these days. Every middle age dick with a crisis has gone and bought himself one. Instant bad-arse.

Having said that check out www.exilecycles.com
The best choppers around I reckon.

Also greasykulture.com for pre evo old skool stuff with attitude.


Get a BUELL!

Yeh Tone! Russels gear is the shit.
The pic I posted Scott is an OCC bike, you can check em at
Or closer to home is Scotty’s choppers in Uralla NSW, he does nice work.

Meanwhile I’ve got a 74’ kingswood in my garage barely started, and a half restored dragstar at locolowriders lookin for a 3 speed back hub.
I’m telling my wife it’s for my son!

Skate related. Here’s a use for those purple dubcons.

i owned a Harley once…mind you it was an Aermacchi built 250cc 2 stroke trailie…but the badge said Harley Davidson!!

Not in the same league I know - but I still have my old 69 Lambretta GP200 scooter (painted in camo colours, sharks mouth on the front mudguard and roundels on the side panels - its good for about 140km/h!).

Have you considered a Triumph? They make some really cool cafe racers nowadays.

I always had a thing for Bridget Fonda meself…