O/T Clipsal 500

In the world of graft in which I live the odd freebie presents itself. Recently in the form of a 3 day junket to the Clipsal 500 Taxi races in Radelaide.

I’m a motorsport nut and confirmed petrol head so suppliers extending invites to golf, cricket, etc don’t turn my crank. The smarter ones have worked me out and I get the opportunity to do a few great things revolving around cars.

Anyway, the Taxi races I have to say I’m over. The fans of the two horse series absolutely love it, spending buckets of $ on merchandise and cheering the red or the blue teams. I’m bored with it but 270,000 spectators can’t be wrong - the sport is massive.

Better racing (IMHO) was to be had/seen in the new Australian Performance Series (Ex GTP) where all manner of makes and models mix it up. These cars are quick and are close to the road car you and I can buy. It should carry more status as a category I reckon but never really has.

On the social front, Adelaiders are super friendy and the big country town atmoshpere makes you think it’d be a good place to live. Rundle street was a bit more like Rabble street every night but with the odd pissed-dickhead exception, a good party was had by all.

I was just chatting about the sillyness of the 'taxi races" with a mate yesty.
It’s just not cricket, at least not the cricket I grew up with.
Bring back the days of twin turbo 4’s against big cube 8’s.
Motor racing is losing touch with what it’s all about, it should be about the first car over the line.

Holden…Ford…Holden ford holden holden ford ford ford Holden etc How fucken boring Wouldnt buy either one unless i owned a taxi co and then Avalons are just as boring but maybe a better car.

Not that you can buy what they race I agree exec go the variety V8 v the turbo rice burners and euro trash all banging around nearly as quick.

My suby is 5kw short of the ss of a few yr ago and it was a 5 lt V8 and it has all wheel drive and 6 gears muscle v technology what a no brainer u’d think 270,000 ppl would no better LOL

Don’t get me wrong i like nothing better than flopping out on the lounge and watching any vehicle fanging around in circles, straight lines, on dirt, on tarmac and even better not even touching the ground.

Other stat is the bulk of the core fan crowd can’t afford a new Falcodore. I guess they make up the demographic that buys a 2 or 3 year old SS or XR and helps keep the market alive.

Be smart to let Toyota, Mitsubishi enter and now Chrysler with the new 300C Hemi about to hit oz. Problem Holden and Ford have is they don’t wanna get beaten in their category.

I have a Soob too Fletch (B4) and it shits on any locally made product for the same $. Quality, reliabilty, resale and performance.

Hemi! Hemi! Hemi! Hemi! Hemi! Hemi! Hemi! Hemi! Hemi! Hemi!

That word excites me!

Give me a '69 Couda any day over an SS or XR

No point getting too excited though the new shit aint the same shit

There was a 300C pace car at the race Eli. Gangstas will love it fo’ shizzle ma nizzle 8)

Looks like a cross between an lincoln continental and an escalade :laughing:

Gimme the MotoGP anyday…the glory days of Aussie car racing are GONE ever since the Falcodore monopoly took over.

Crikey, I still remember Bathurst when there where heaps of different cars around e.g. yer Godzillas, a V12 Jag, all sorts of stuff. To say that touring cars are boring is a huuuuge understatement.

I recall seeing on (I think) world of sport a coupla years ago they had a race for motorised skateboards around a cart track. No restircitions on the engine etc., one bloke even fitted NITROUS INJECTION of a sort to his skater!!! Now THATS motorsport!!

Remember when the BMW’s kept beating the fords and holdens all the time. They (CAMS) put 100 kg’s under the Bimmer’s seat. Didn’t work. They put 300 kg’s. Didnt work. They halved the tubo boost. Still kept beatn em. They tried everything to make a holden or falcon look like a better carl than a BMW. Nothing worked. So they banned them.

To say nothing of the Nissan GTRs - I remember watching a wet start at (I think) Bathurst - everyone but the GTRs sat there spinning their wheels while the GTRs just buggered off into the distance - Ford and Holden got sick of seeing that so, they too, were banned.

Group A was the best formula no doubt about it. You can’t argue with the success of V8 Supertaxi though - we don’t have to like it but a lotta punters do.

Holden and Ford, thats it!! Like going to the footy, 2 teams, barrack for the one that you love!! Go the red barrons, fuck the blue oval!!
Yeah it may seem boring to the un -enthused, but they are the back bone of our motor industry and promote sales on Mondays that keep the economy kicking and are tangible to all the enthusiests. :smiling_imp:
Turbos?? phhh, You want cubes, more cubes the better, real horse power natrually aspirated, no dof dof’s. :smiling_imp:

It’d be like going to the footy if there was only two teams Jimmy.

I’m not taking the cubes v’s tech bait mate :wink: [/i]

Steve, Ive got the B spec 3 lt wagon everyone raves about the new holden 6 with 190 kw from 3.6lt suby get 180 from 3lt go figure