Anyone pick up thier copy today? Or am I the only Gran Turismo nut?

My darling Mrs is going to get it for my b’day so I’ve got to wait a week or so.

GT4 + BDS box. You need to go home now! :wink:

Yes, my son Alex picked up his GT4 this morning.

Nah, a weeks wait for GT4 :cry:

I have the prologue and it’s very good. In 4 apparently you can run a race team and direct drivers on track as well as take over when you want the glory - just like Brocky!

Licence from prologue carries over and a saved GT3 game gets you $100K to buy your first ride on 4.


is your birthday on march17 by any chance?

21st - I’m being optimistic saying a week.

I’m getting the logitech wheel too :laughing: Off to the wreckers for an old recaro to build a cockpit heehehheheh.

Oh well, so much for skating for the next month or so eh?

I don’t think I could own a PS2…the marriage couldnt stand it! (not with games like GT4 around…) having a PC and about 2 games is bad enough!

It’s a matter of self control bondi. I’ll go gangbusters at it for a week then come back to it once a week, then once a month. Junior exec is on the thing playing GTA San Andreas at every opportunity so I’ve gotta fight him for time on the thing too.

I wouldn’t really build the cockpit but I’ll have to work some arrangement out for the wheel and pedals.

Well 2 nights into GT4 and lovin it! The controls are a lot closer to reality than GT3 making the cars harder to drive at first but you get used to it quick enuf. The steering wheel that comes in the $180-odd bundle is a novelty item I won’t pass judgement on until I can get the thing solidly mounted (using in lap is no good).

Familiar tracks are there from 3 with improved graphics and some cracking new tracks including the nordschlieffe nurburgring (where all the manufacturers test) - it’s a highlight for starts. In arcade mode you can pick from hundreds of cars and it lines up similar performing models from other makes to race you.

A saved GT3 game gets you $100K to start and I’m 1% through the game at this stage.

GT4 - Highly recommended :laughing: