old school sessions

hi everyone,
ive just recently got back into skating after being inspired by the globe world cup warm up at point cook and im looking for some info on the MOSS sessions, still skatin pretty sketchy but lovin it anyway. roll forever!

Hey Chris, welcome.
For Moss info check forum-sandpit-moss thread for location. We meet evry thurs after work till we run out of steam.
And the ring of fire on sun mornings is great for practice!

Hey B,
You rolling tonight?

If so I could use another bag o bearings, can you hook me up?..come on B you know I’m good for it!..Just one more set!..I promise it’s the last time!.. You know I can give them up any time I want, I just need one more fix!!!

DAMN! You said that the last time man…Huggy bizzle fo’ shizzle.
I’ll be there, but the pirate sunk me sun morn…maybe noskate!