Old school skate jam 04

Exciting stuff!!!

Cool poster. I want a hard copy.

I checked out the Bra bowl at lunch hour today and its in goodshape. Council was adding more concrete around the outside of the park. About two feet extra right around, steps and all. Moved the fence out to suit. Should give more spectator room around the bowl. Im only just starting to ride that bowl. Couldnt drop in before so never tried. Super sic indeed. But I definatelly need more practice in there. Might have to start hittn it before work.
Braden, in case its rained out, will you still be contactable.


Sydney’s weather is almost as bad as Melb’s, I will have my phone and a bag full of goodies.

looks like Brad Shaw is seting up some slalom cones next to the park for some slalom action too. Old school all the way. Cant wait!
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